Jack herer auto flower and feminized


Im having an issue one of my plants is totaly different ive never grown feminized or auto flower before are there differences in appearance than a none sexed seed


Got some pictures? More information would help also


This is my first time using feminized seeds there all suposed to jack herer but i have one that doesnt look the same and it looks like its trying to flower.


Did you order auto jack herer by accident? I believe they have that strain now.


The odd girl out is the back r



No i double checked


To me, it just appears that it is showing you it’s sex. Congrats, looks like a healthy baby girl


It looks fine keep up the good job. Look at it this way, we have kids, to brothers or sisters might look alike but there will be slight diffences, even if they both are from same parents.Hopes this helps. Happy 4/20


Thanks. I apreciate