Jack herer auto closet grow

Hi all. My name is Twitch due to me having tourettes syndrome. New to growing indoors and that. I had a few outdoor plants in south africa. Living in the uk I scaled down to a closet. It’s a budget grow.
1x gentlemans closet. free
1x lead light + bulb. £4.
1x roll of silver roll. Free
1x computer fan. Free
1x broken USB cable. Free with phone.

That’s my grow.
I planted my seeds on the 28 march. Just over two weeks ago. I will keep my journal going until harvest. Thanks all.


Welcome to the forum @Twitch
If i can be of assistance tag me by adding @ symbol in front of my user name like i did to yours above

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Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971. Could you tell me at what stage to feed my plants nutes? I forgot to mention that I’m growing in soil.

Welcome to the forum @Twitch! Do those nutes have a soil schedule because it looks like they are made for coco medium. Let me know if I can help as well.

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Welcome to the forum, @Twitch. If you ever need help, just ask

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The nutes are used in both coco and soil. I read somewhere that if the leaves lighten in colour it’s usually a nute deficiency. Is this correct?

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Thanks @raustin

It could be, or it could be the ph is off and the roots can’t access certain nutrients and elements.

Thanks @MattyBear

Love the name @Twitch Welcome to the forum. Lots of good folks here to help you along the way!

Cool set up
Happy growing and welcome to the community

Thanks @Growit

Does she look healthy?


I’ve named her Megan Rose


I’m thinking of changing my grow medium from soil to coco. I’m starting to think that it can’t handle the tomato potting soil. Any thoughts?

Lookin good man thanks for the updates
Keep showing her the love and she will show it right back

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Not too much eh, or you could rape her(if you know what I mean)

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@SmoknGranny this is my budget grow. Let me know if you need help. My grow cost me £4.

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Thanks for tagging me over @Twitch I love your setup. I’m assuming that the “tomato” soil you are using has some time-release fertilizer in it. The general consensus here is that might be a problem. But your seedling looks better than my current experiment :blush:
I’m also thinking you will need to add some more lights. Please keep in mind that I am learning myself so I’m gonna tag @dbrn32 for his take on this.
I’m also thinking about ph. You might want to read up about that and obtain a ph meter.
I think you have the right ideas overall but may need some tweaking. I’m far from being an expert & hesitant to give much advice. Keep reading here and elsewhere & asking questions :+1: and I will definitely follow along for the ride. Thanks for inviting me :hugs:


@SmoknGranny is correct. You’ll have s hard time growing out a plant with a single bulb like that. Perhaps if you added more of them when your plants get a little bigger. If that’s a standard led bulb, the diffusers can usually be popped or cut off to help a little.

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