Jack Herer auto average harvest time

I think they look quite similar to my outdoor White Widow Autos, IMHO:

Thanks for the comparison as I was afraid they got shocked and hermed out.

The outdoor girls look far different from their indoor sister!

All 3 of these seeds got dropped in water 73 days ago. :+1: :sunglasses:

well I cut some more fan leaves today, as we have had some rain, and plan on chopping them this weekend. Hope things start to tighten up.

checked plants this morning and found fan leaves are starting to die off, yet trichomes still clear. Will the buds tighten up during drying or do I still let this go longer.

I cut off all yellowing or dying off leaves.
Clear means you still got a way to go yet. :+1: :sunglasses:

Thanks, Iā€™m just concerned over the way the buds look, as they have failed to close up.