Jack Herer auto average harvest time

OK, the other guy said with the mother an Auto the seeds will always be autos.
So I guess I’ll have to wait and see from my own experience if this is true or not.
I kind of thought it was as you said, some kids look like Mom others look like Dad.
You get a grab bag of dominate and recessive traits in the descendants.

And I say they can be autos. Right now let’s say they are 50% Ruderalis. Cross them with Indica or Sativa and now they are 25% (at best) Ruderalis. At some point the Ruderalis might be dominant, at others it could be recessive.

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Yes and outdoors there is a good chance of a Hemp sativa cross to occur.
Do you consider Hemp to be another type of cannabis like Ruderalis?
I don’t. I think Hemp is just a strain that was bred for traits other than flowers with high THC.
Fast growing tall plants averaging over 12’ tall would be good hemp genes IMHO. :+1:




  1. the cannabis plant, especially when grown for fiber.
  • the fiber of the cannabis plant, extracted from the stem and used to make rope, strong fabrics, fiberboard, and paper.

  • used in names of other plants that yield fiber, e.g. Manila hemp .

They are all hemp.

All good info, I will keep posted my progress. Thanks for the input, any new thoughts feel free to post me.

2 views each of my outdoor White Widow Autos and my 20 JHA seeds arrived today.
The WWA I’ve got in my tent is much different. You can follow that thread here:

I hope these JHA’s have excellent genetics as my WWA’s seem to. :+1: :sunglasses:

Hello Flying-High, this is where my plants are at 75 days.


I have a few brown spots on the leaves and some fan leaves are yellowing. It was a bit rainy for awhile, but lots of sun now with high humidity. Looks like a couple more weeks,

I had to defoliate most upper fan leaves due to mold starting. I then sprayed the plants with 1 tbls h2o2 to 8 oz h2o which seems to have slowed the mold down. Its been rainy and muggy for the past few weeks which is now ending for awhile. How do these plants look to you guys?

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Are those buds or seed pods forming?

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These autos are now at 90 days. How do they look?

sorry, here are the photos as of 90 days. Am I still 2 weeks away?

trichomes are still clear, thinking growing these outside has slowed down the process.

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I guess my question is, do these buds look normal for this strain?

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I think they look quite similar to my outdoor White Widow Autos, IMHO:

Thanks for the comparison as I was afraid they got shocked and hermed out.

The outdoor girls look far different from their indoor sister!

All 3 of these seeds got dropped in water 73 days ago. :+1: :sunglasses:

well I cut some more fan leaves today, as we have had some rain, and plan on chopping them this weekend. Hope things start to tighten up.

checked plants this morning and found fan leaves are starting to die off, yet trichomes still clear. Will the buds tighten up during drying or do I still let this go longer.