Jack 321 with promix hp

Was wondering if anyone had good result with this combo and are you feeding with every watering

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Yes - in 5 gallon SIP buckets.
I wanted to see if sub-irrigated buckets would work. They did up to a point. This photo is of Purple Haze before I flushed then and went to straight top feeding the remainder of the grow.

I was pleased with how peat & Jack’s turned out


Nice…i hear 3gal pots are good with promix

Same mix… Every day with jacks… 5 and 7 gallon fabrics… Recharge and mycro occasionally


Start seedlings at full strength?

Not for me… The birth place/ solo cup is Coast of maine… plenty in that soil… After Transplant to forever home of promix, I run full strength 321veg

Plan to use the jack seedling/clone mix for the first 4 weeks then transition to full strength

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