Jack 321 direction

Picked me up part a and b . Some Epson salt as well. I. Growing in soil. I an curious the blend per gallon of water? And as for the feeding do I feed the blend every feeding ? I know it needs to be p.h . What’s a good ph pen? The yellow ones suck. . I was using fox farm trio and feed every other feeding In my past grows… thanks for Info in advance.


This is a chart I made to go by. These are in grams


Is that in grams?


Yes. the E is for the Epsom salt :slightly_smiling_face: @MidwestGuy you may be interested in this one too. I have been starting to up the feed a little at a time to see what I can get away with. Jacks is doing me good in veg. But lacking in flower. SO I am looking to see if a little more feed helps or not. So far. Mine are liking the 15% I will give it another week when all I have are photos on that re. And move up to 20% I upped the epsom .2g for this since I have mag issues once I get into flower. The extra .2 has helped out a lot.

I didn’t mean to high jack your thread here Jack. :worried:


Have you done the 2-2-2-1.2 of Monopotassium Phosphate? (MKP) First three weeks of flower I did on last two plants and they finished nicely.

@jack181 You can feed full strength from seedling to harvest. That said if you are in soil you don’t want to supplement. If in coco or peat; yes. The standard is th 3-2-1 mix: get a decent scale to weigh out based on @Not2SureYet 's chart.

This is a decent meter. Be sure to get calibration/storage solution.


@Not2SureYet has you covered on the right mixture. If your soil is hot, something like FF OF you may want to take ppm runoff readings before starting Jack’s. I grow in 50/50 mixture of FF OF and FF Coco Loco. I usually don’t need to start Jack’s until I flip to flower at between 6-8 weeks. I started it to early on my first grow with it and it will burn your plants if the soil is still hot.


@Myfriendis410 I will have to look into that. jacks has been all over the place for me. One nice heavy plant. Then a bunch of light ones. Then a heavy one :roll_eyes: My next I started is all GH. I will go back to jacks at the beginning of the year. And at @jack181 @Myfriendis410 was one of my mentors here. If he gives you any info. You can always count on it to be good :+1: He has been in soil and coco. So has one up on me :grin:


Meh; you’re a mad grower. If you wanted to grow in soil you would kill it like in coco. And after going soilless I’ll likely never do soil again.


@Bulldognuts @Myfriendis410 @Not2SureYet thank you for the great feed back! :smiley: . As for the soil 50/50 ffhp and ffof. I will wait 4-6 wks before I feed. Do I mix a-e-b ? In that order?


Thanks @Myfriendis410 I would do the E- A - B And if you want the best info for Jacks. we should bring he kid in here. @imSICKkid He was on this train before most in here I think :+1:


Courious as to why the order of dilution of the 3 parts maters??? Trying to learn something here. I’m in soil if that maters.

Everything is the same as far as mixing, whether you’re in soil or soiless. Just be sure to check runoff ppm’s before starting Jack’s, if soil is amended with any nutrients. Here’s a basic video on mixing, directly from Jack’s website, it shows 1.1 grams on Epsom salt. I use 1.2 grams and I’ve seen several people who uses 1.2

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Why aeb vs eab,bae etc.

Honestly not sure why, I haven’t attempted to do it in any other order.

Different chemicals don’t play well together and need to be mixed in an order that maintains solubility. This is why there are 3 separate components.


I’ve read not to mix A & B together at the same time due to a reaction. But WHY which goes in first, second, third is what I was asking.

Likely Part B is binding to same receptor sites in the water as Part A but prevents Part A from binding so it settles out. We don’t really need to know the why if the chemists have given us direction.

It’s kinda like mixing acids: do it correctly and you’re fine. Do it out of order and you’ll be in the burn unit.


All I’ve found from Jack’s is not to mix A and B together, mix one untill diluted than add the other. No mention as to sequence.

Well; if you watch the video in Post 11 it gives you the sequence per Jack’s.


And points out that if mixture is cloudy that you have done something wrong. My guess would be that the something “wrong” is mixing in the wrong order. :slightly_smiling_face::+1: