I've haven't used significant lighting!

Hi, i haven’t used significant lighting, my plant is growing fine apart from narrow stem, could i take a cutting & do a re root as in cloning. The plat is only 2 weeks old. I’ve ordered a bigger watage lighting system, what’s best??

Sorry nobody has replied to you about this.
with insufficient light many times your plant will be thin and wispy. sounds like you have that problem. I would cut the plant back and let the plant grow back for a few weeks under a Metal Halide bulb with a blue tone. this will cause the internodal spaces to grow closer together. then I would take a clone or as many as possible and waste the old plant. that way you have a strong start. If you take cuttings without cutting them back first and allowing them to grow first as directed above, you can still get away with it, I just think it is better to take the extra time and get back to a healthy plant and take cuttings from a tighter interodal spacing.
Remember the best plants come from the best clones.
Hope this helps

for what its worth i am using a led light and am very impressed with it. it costs more to buy but the electric bill saving is signaficant and very little heat to have to dissipate. the outfit i bought from is nfo@dormgrow.com. there are several videos on youtube about this co. and no i dont work for them. best of luck with your plant