I've had a problem with buds turning brown

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I’ve had a problem with buds turning brown and falling apart and a 1 inch green worm in the kola. You ever deal with that?

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Sounds like bud rot. Are you growing outside I’m guessing?

Yes and had a green worm in the middle

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@DavyD Good morning! You have cabbage moth babies better known as looper worms and they will devastate a plants buds in no time flat! I am so sorry t hear that. Salvage any remaining buds now so you don’t lose anymore. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do now. I am strictly an outdoor grower and lost a crop to them. For your next grow you can use Monterey BT

This will stop them, however, you must start when your babies are about 6" high, spraying and saturating the entire plant. The most important aspect is this has to be done on a weekly basis religiously, and I stress this because if you don’t it won’t work, spray everywhere stems, stalk underside of leaves soaking entire plant. The way it works is not immediate, like just spraying the bug, they have to eat it a bit then they die, they are attracted to is so the bud eating stops. I went from total loss of a crop to the next grow, 6 plants, 4 worms, and they didn’t live long. This is a biological spray and can be used to the day of harvest, it’s not harmful to anything but those pesty stoned worms:) any questions ask me:)