I've found a treatment for Empty Nest Syndrome!



Looks nice and frosty! You are growing a potent pheno there, it looks like!

What week are you in now? Will you be giving just ph’d water the final 2 weeks?

Something @Donaldj suggested is to remove a fan leaf and suck out some of the juice. If it’s bitter it needs a flush. If it’s sweet or neutral you’re good.


I have 2 photos and one auto; they are all 55 days in flower. How long does the transition to cloudy take?


Every one is different but 65 days is the average for flower. I agree with you that it’s a nervous time to decide when to make the chop but your pictures show they’re bulking up nicely,


I’m sure you gave your mom a big hug :hugs:
Looks like you’re going to have to buy her a nice bong for Christmas :heart:


I owe her so much and promised her part of each plant that survived :sunglasses: Not only did she take excellent care of the girls, she also purchased 2 studded tires for my car!! Hubby says we probably owe her the harvest of an entire plant :smile: That says a lot about how grateful he is :wink:


That’s so awesome. Yep :+1: Give her two hugs :hugs: :hugs:


Your ladies look glorious @GreenThunder! Your mom did a wonderful job while you were away! :green_heart: :seedling:


One of the plants I’m growing is promised to my oldest family friend who is severely disabled now. I say go for it!


The transition from clear to cloudy varies, but I would check on them every day. Strain depending, it happens faster than others, but when it happens, it happens quickly. It did with mine. @GreenThunder


So how do I know when to start water only? Or when to split the stem? :thinking:


You need to look at everything: the calendar, the trichomes, the pistils, the overall state of the plant. It’s going to be a judgment call. Sometimes more like playing chicken! Haha!

Pull a fan leaf and chew on the stem and suck a little juice. Is it bitter? Is it sweet? That might influence whether you even give them a water diet.


This is going to be a challenge… judgement call decisions are so hard for me. I constantly second guess myself. :smile: Tomorrow I will taste a leaf.
The fan leaves are starting to turn also, I guess that’s another sign. I wish they had a red button that pops up like turkeys do :joy:


@GreenThunder like @Myfriendis410 said. It’s really a judgment call. If your trichomes are clear and turning milky, I would do just water to make sure it’s flushed enough before harvest. You do have to take into consideration the pistol color also. If you have that dehumidifier make sure to turn that thing to as dry as possible. The stem splitting I am unsure on, I haven’t done that myself. I bet you probably could do it whenever you feel like it though, it’s far enough along. Lol. Pop up timer like a turkey. That’s great.


We’ll all help…


@GreenThunder im just catching up on my reading hear and wanted to say looking great brother woohoo
Happy growing :v:


Sister, haha! Hard to tell by the user names lol.


Ok… I’ve come to terms with the fact that I am not likely harvesting this weekend as planned. :frowning: I am determined to not rush it or take them early (classic noobie mistake, I’ve been told by many - challenge accepted) :wink:
This pic was taken a week ago. I probably won’t get a chance to take new pics today but I’ll try tomorrow.

This one is JJ, the bag seed of unknown strain, suspected indica dominant.


Out of likes @GreenThunder but patience will pay off!


Not there yet IMO.

You’ve done everything else right on the money that you’ll hit it right.