I've found a treatment for Empty Nest Syndrome!


Today is 5 weeks from the 12/12 switch… does that mean 5 weeks flowering or 3? :thinking: Either way I thought taking some ‘lights out’ pics was a good way to mark the milestone.


Woke to a dusting of snow that didn’t quit throughout the day :persevere:

This past spring I rescued a rhododendon from my (deceased) uncle’s yard before the bank foreclosed on his house. It’s pretty twiggy but did give several blossoms! When I got her, I went to the grow supply shop to get the best soil I could find. They offered compost tea for her and while I was checking out, hubby discovered the grow tents. This is what began our cannabis growing journey :sunglasses:

We finally received the sensor push device and I love it being able to monitor the stats when the lights are out!

Lastly, my son had his first day on the road in a big rig with a mentor yesterday!! Just 2 weeks after leaving home he’s officially a truck driver!! He took a class and got a CDL before he left and was offered a job everywhere he applied. He’s going to see the country and I wish I could be a mouse in his pocket :wink:


Awesome about everything :clap:t2:
Sounds like your son is doing great. Lots of truckers in my circle of family and friends so a word of caution. IF he’s offered a lease to own for his own truck make sure that he really reads ALL of the contracts and get everything he’s promised in writing.


To answer your question regarding whether you are at 5 or 3 weeks depending: how much time did it take until pistils started showing after the flip? If it was 2 weeks then yes: 3 weeks in flower. When I flipped on 18 October my transition was over a week or so, and my plants only took 1 week to start showing. Therefore, you are the judge.

The girls look really really nice GT! The only comment I could make is to watch the N and make sure that your nute schedule is tapering off the nitrogen.


Thank you for this advice! He’s super smart but still young and eager, I worry he’ll be taken advantage of more than anything.


I’m seeing that happening with a young friend of mine right now for the second time. He had to lease a truck the company already owned from a previous lease rather than the truck my friend wanted. Now after multiple breakdowns which my friend paid for thus cutting into his take home pay the company is somewhat willing to help him get a better truck. Also, watch out for the bad dispatchers. Trust me, he’ll know if he’s with a good or bad company after the first broken promise. It’s not like it used to be when my dad’s cousins were independent truckers.


It must have been a week because that’s when the male revealed himself and got kicked out. My neighbor is too close AND nosey so letting him grow outside wasn’t an option :disappointed:

I did stop using the flora grow but maybe should have stopped the micro also or instead?


I don’t have my GH schedule with me. I use the 2 part and as long as you are on the schedule, stick with it. They really do look happy!

IIRC you’re doing coco too? I’m loving it! But I am taking advantage of the SoCal weather whenever possible and letting them out for (free) sunshine. A 5 gallon fabric pot with a SCROG is WAY better to lug around than 10 gallons of FF!

Finally had to break down and buy a dehumidifier. 85% humidity in flower is a bit much. …


I am using coco and also loving it. I got it by mistake when I meant to get soil - only because I didn’t know about coco. AFTER my plants were firmly planted in it, I checked the bag to know what nutes it contained and was surprised to learn it had none. Then I read about it and was glad for the happy accident :wink: I’m certain I would over water soil.


I had to do the same. Wanted a 70 but they had a single 30 pint left… was the only one left on the shelf after they were flying out the door for several days.

I also got this rechargeable unit for inside the tent. Took forever to come all the way to ‘over seas Alaska’ :laughing: so it’s only been in the tent for a day. Too soon to know if it helps but it did replace the damprid I had in there


I got a 30 pint but it has a drain. Getting about 2 gallons of water per day.


I was pretty excited to get a fairly good pic of the tricomes on Dianna (sour diesel) this morning :sunglasses:


I hope your sensor push sensor works as awesome as it does for me @GreenThunder! I love the thing so much, I’m going to get a few more. Your girls look great, those should be some great numbers when it comes to chopping time.


It does work great!! I love having a notification when the humidity is too high… it’s been helpful in convincing hubby that the fans need to stay on at night. As soon as the lights go out the temp drops and humidity rises. Need to figure a way to control the temp without having to open the window. I saw a simple ice bucket cooler that should work…
I think I’ll get a couple more of the sensors too. Would be good to know what the rest of the house is doing.


The rechargeable unit indicated full in the morning!! We’re averaging 55% but up to about 65% at night. Going to put a little space heater in the room at night to see if the extra heat helps. I do not want rot or mold :unamused:


Got home yesterday from a 9 day vaca… 5 days ago I was nearly ready to pack up and move to WA. :thinking: Yesterday I couldn’t get home fast enough :smile: I am a creature of habit, routine is my comfort zone. The trip had it’s ups and downs, complete with family drama (to be expected during holidays when we gather in numbers, I suppose)
My mom came to take care of my girls, both green and 4-legged :heart_eyes: I promised her samples of all plants that survived and the incentive worked like a charm :smiley: The flowering beauties have plumped and thickened (does that made sense?!) I was struck by the lovely odor when the door opened and the sight!! Oh MYYYY!!! We are in for a real treat folks! She was super nervous about messing up and killing them. Didn’t help that the breaker switch flipped before we even landed in Seattle :persevere: She handled it like a pro (she has lived a homestead lifestyle and has survival skills!) I was too busy and distracted to worry or give them much thought. I know y’all can relate to what a relief that is :v:

Here’s what I came home to

I’m super glad to be home and don’t even mind that there’s snow on the ground and rain in the forecast :sunglasses:


Super amazing looking buds you have! I’m glad you had great care of your girls while you were away. Can’t wait to see your harvest numbers. How many more weeks to go? @GreenThunder


I’m thinking at least another 1 or 2 :thinking: I find myself more unsure the closer it gets and kinda get the hesitation to chop I’ve heard folks talk about :smile:

I meant to include some tricome pics (I’ll do one at a time as that seems to be the general request)

Still clear (and so pretty, dontcha think?!)