I've found a treatment for Empty Nest Syndrome!


Those are just totally gorgeous @GreenThunder :green_heart: :seedling:


Those are some awesome ladies! BRAVO :clap:t2:.


When I posted my update last night I meant to tag some friends I’ve ‘met’ over at the Morning Garden but I was so tired (and ripped) I forgot by the time I got to the end :sweat_smile:

@Covertgrower @AnneBonny @Laurap @Buck3 @Willd

I’m incredibly proud to have grown such beauties and it’s all due to the knowledge I’ve gained here from all you wonderful folks - those tagged AND those who’ve already chimed in here :v: Thank you all for your help!
There are many many others, my mine is like a strobe light… one quick flash and it’s gone :joy:


Thank you SG FD CB WJ! I’m super proud and amazed especially because I knew nothing when I started :wink: I’m still in awe of the generous sharing of info and knowledge here.


The agony of waiting is (kinda) offset by the anticipation of the rewards :sunglasses:


Oh yeah… I’m thinking about adding Big Buds and have a couple questions. Should I still use cal-mag or does this have enough? Also, it says use only for weeks 2-4 of flowering. I’m at week 3.5 - should I only use it for a week? Is it not necessary at all (or overkill)?


Looking good GT! If you want to use the Big Bud, just use it starting now. It’s not that critical.

You’ve picked up everything and done a stellar job.

In week 6 of flower roll a joint and drag it through some of the sticky pistils before you smoke it as a growers’ treat.


WOW. I like it. What a great idea.


GREAT tip!! Thanks for that… I bet it helps encourage patience for the waiting :thinking: (I’ve always had a problem with patience but am slowly understanding the value of it)


Oh, you haven’t seen ANYTHING yet (insert evil laugh here). Wait till you get close to harvest! NOBODY waits long enough on their first grow…


The pressure of a challenge!! :smiling_imp:

Disclaimer: I had one plant close to harvest when I found this group so she didn’t have the benefit of the knowledge. She gave us 83 dried grams and I’m certain we pulled her early :wink:


OMG!!! The Cannabis Gods certainly are smiling on you! Simply Beautiful!!!


Thanks @GreenThunder I’m relatively new, but I gained a lot, and love helping others when I can. Your plants looks very nice, and should be of great medicinal value. The feeling does dissipate when you chop them, but is replaced with pride of the end result in a jar. That’s worth something.


Thanks for the tag @GreenThunder. You are doing AMAZING! They look great all settled into their new room.


I’m thinking I should have reduced the foliage more than I did. They are so bushy, well maybe just Dianna. I often take a few leaves when I feed but just lately it doesn’t seem like it was enough. But I don’t want to take a bunch now so I’ll keep doing what I’m doing… that’s the one thing everyone agrees on: when your plants look good and healthy just keep doing what you have been :wink: I think it’s grand that there are opinions and methods from one end of the spectrum to the other, on every topic and step of the process. And they ALL work!! This is one versatile and diverse plant we all grow and love and love to grow :grin:


The humidity got crazy the past few nights so I went out after work yesterday and picked up a dehumidifier. I wanted a 50 pint but they only had a 30 (and it was the last one… was told they been flying off the shelves!) The thing filled up and shut off sometime in the night. It’s been ruining for 6+ hours and not full yet; though I know nights are damper. Seems to be holding at 46% and 77°


Bump the temperature up a couple of degrees. That will lower it.


I had the heater vent closed during the day and realize now that I should open it for night time.


Some pics of my beauties tonight

Abby, the auto

JJ (her pistils are insane!!)

Dianna (her odor is as glamorous as she is)


Just beautiful☺