I've found a treatment for Empty Nest Syndrome!


What is the tds of your tap water? Back that number out of your total. My tap water is terrible at 500 ppm permanent hardness. So a 600 ppm feeding is 1,100 ppm!


Yikes! Ours is only 20 :innocent: Alaska has the BEST water and my neighborhood has its own system so we’re not on the city system.


OK Holey Moley… ppm of runoff was 3200!! Maybe I was in a hurry and didn’t let it settle. Or maybe I should have cleaned the drip tray before catching new runoff? I’ll try again tomorrow. They don’t show sign of nute burn but I think I’ll try plain pH 6 water in between feedings.
The pH was 6.0 so pretty happy about that. I didn’t think I had a pH problem but it’s nice to have the device to confirm :sunglasses:

I snapped some quick pics just after the lights went out. They’re gorgeous beasts!!


I can see how two scrog’d would fill the space nicely :sunglasses:


Several weeks ago I had given Dianna a duct tape sling where she suffered a break. Today when I was investigating her underside I found she’s outgrown it!

Healed up just right

Here you can see where she lost a branch.

I never thought I could grow a plant with a stalk this size :drooling_face: I’m sure it’s not really amazing to seasoned growers but I’m pretty impressed :sunglasses:


As a new hobbyist myself, these plants are a wonderment to me also. They change so quickly and the notion that all this comes from a tiny seed is amazing. Looking good @GreenThunder :+1:


I’ll post an update this weekend but wanted to share this beauty I snapped tonight. Her leaves are so shimmery :sunglasses:
JJ, unknown strain sativa dominant


My sativas have more of that iridescent look to them also. It’s especially noticeable under the LEDs. Looking good. :+1:


She started out short but has gotten as tall as (or taller than) the sour diesel (isn’t that an indica?)
The 3rd gal is an auto fem sativa; she’s half the size of the other 2 and is propped up on a milk crate. I think a 3 gallon would have been big enough for her. :thinking:
They’re all so pretty, I could spend hours looking at them.


She is a pretty girl! @GreenThunder


Lovely looking grow you’ve got there. That is a high tds reading. Definitely worth another look.


Beautiful girl!! :green_heart::seedling:


Sour diesel are a sativa dominate strain… Looking great :+1::+1:


I always mix them up :upside_down_face:

The auto fem I have is indica (bubba kush)


It’s moving day!! My son’s room has been emptied and the tent moved in. :sunglasses: The girls have been hanging out in the living room while we work and are ready to move back in… right after momma has a break :wink:

Pics soon


The tent takes up most of the room! The bed has been taken apart and will be discarded soon (sorry son, no coming back home now!) :wink: I thought I could keep it for when my mom visits but she’ll have to continue to use the couch.

It’s really nice to have access from both ends of the tent!

JJ had a bit of late stretch :drooling_face:

Abby, Bubba Kush, auto fem

JJ bag seed of unknown strain suspected indica dominant


And the super star, Dianna, bag seed, sour diesel


Tried 3 pics for this… maybe she is shy?! :sweat_smile:
JJ bag seed of unknown strain suspected indica dominant

I’m persistent but if these don’t work then I give up! :v:


I loose track of who’s who in the closeups. They’re all so beautiful! I’m in awe every single day… does this feeling of amazement dissipate? I hope not but for now I’m loving the wonderment of it all. I have made mistakes and still have so much to learn but these gals are growing like crazy! Goes to show that a good light, proper pH, and a bit of nutes can produce a successful grow in the hands of a noob!! :sunglasses::v:



Very nice…nice long pistols they’re going to make some nice big buds :+1::+1:


Lots of pistols means big dense buds
Woohoo @GreenThunder