I've found a treatment for Empty Nest Syndrome!


I try to water on the lawn so I let it drain into the grass. My yard looks fantastic lol!


Neighbors prevent that as an option for me. It’s legal here but I just don’t want the attention :eyes:
I use a separate container but it’s getting a little difficult the bigger they get. :hugs:


Yeah, it gets tough when I’m carrying a 15 gallon soil fabric pot with a 5 foot tall late flower stage plant outside every day. Did I say one? I meant 6! Hahaha! Now THAT sucked! I decided 3 feet tall in soil was IT! Coco I can go a bit taller, but I got such a great yield on my Sour Diesel SCROG that I’m going to do that on the next 3. Also,staggering my grow. 3 and 3.


This has become one of my best purchases so far :grin: I mean, the tent and 1000w HPS are pretty cool too tho :sunglasses::smile::v:


I’ve made the switch to 12/12… a little bit early, maybe, but they are growing into beasts :drooling_face::sunglasses:
This weekend I am going to work on making a drainage setup. Nothing elaborate but the lift and drain isn’t working now that they’re bigger. I’m not as tough as I used to be :grimacing:

I’m learning so much, something new nearly every day! I’m going to use hempy for one in my next set. And will try to be brave enough to split the stem on one of the current batch, when the time is right :v:

The girls don’t seem too bothered by the early switch. It may be wishful thinking, but I swear I see a pistil or 2 :eyes:
Dianna is outshining the others, though they are all growing and seem healthy.

Also, going to place my seed order this weekend. I’m looking forward to chocolope :yum: (sp?)


I hear good things about chocolope. Girl Scout Cookies is my next new one.


Decided to go ahead and try a SCROG on little Miss Emily :sunglasses:
She had a branch break off in mid-veg (aggressive LST) :confused: She’s recovered nicely but is a bit lopsided. And when I set the stakes, one went in at a little angle so the screen is lopsided too :upside_down_face:


PS: this is SOOOO much fun!!


This weekend I got a large drip tray (3x3) and a shop vac. It’s proving to be a system I can work with. Still waiting for the pH meter… had to cancel and reorder. Surely I have nearly all the supplies and equipment I need for a while. Seems I buy something for the girls every week :drooling_face: All purchases have been either necessary (for their health and well being) or to make tasks easier for me… but I’m ready for less spending and more reaping :smile::v:

Two of the gals are on milk and soda crates to bring them up to the same level.


Those look great @GreenThunder :green_heart::seedling:


UGH! I’m pretty sure I have bananas :disappointed:

So far it’s only on one - the one that just got a SCROG rack a few days ago. Would that have caused this? If not, will it spread to the others?


That be a male! Cut him out,and no the scrog didn’t do it @GreenThunder


Yup, time to go away. …


I am running low on nutes ship I picked up the GH trio and could use some advice. Do I just follow the measurements on the label?


Where did you find a round SCRoG?


I got it in the gardening dept at Fred Meyer. I had worried it might be too small but it was working out just fine - until she turned out to be male :persevere:


The general consensus is to start slow and work up towards package strength. However, I asked this question in re: coco and nute values and 400 to 600 ppm was what I was told was best. That equates to less than the starting values on the GH Grow I’m using.


Should I still add the CalMag? I’m growing in coco.
Thanks for sharing your advice :v:


Yeah, I would. In fact I am lol!


I finally received my pH and ppm meters!! :sunglasses: I goofed and ordered 2 by mistake :unamused: The first one said it wouldn’t ship to AK so I cancelled (I thought) and ordered from a different seller… all the while wondering why my order cost more than I thought it should :persevere: I’ll see if one of the two local growers I know need one before returning one.
The pH meter is in its initial 24 HR soak. I’m excited to see what my readings are, though the girls seem incredibly healthy :sunglasses:
I also got a little microscope gadget that attaches to the phone for pics!! Still to come are a couple of books and the gadget that sends temp and humidity readings to the phone. Feels like Christmas - thanks to Alaska’s annual PFD :wink:


I’m using the GH Flora series at half the measurements listed on the bottle and it settled at 1240. This seems a bit high to me, based on what I’ve read; however my plants appear healthy and happy (I’ll try to get ‘natural light’ pics later)
Any thoughts on this? Should I reduce my amounts? They are in the 2nd week of preflower.

I did a 24 hr hydration on the pH meter so will measure that on the next feeding, as well as try to get a ppm on the runoff.