I've found a treatment for Empty Nest Syndrome!


Thank you :sunglasses::v:
There is a small, clip-on fan inside. I do have the inline fans but was hoping to not use them until it’s time to hook up the HPS. The vents are all open. Wasn’t sure if they should be open or closed :thinking:
I live in a temperate rain forest so the humidity in the house is generally higher than I’d rather have it. I think it’s time to get a good dehumidifier.

Would something like this be ok for controlling humidity? If so, in the tent or just in the room where the tent is? Also, is a bucket of “Damp Rid” safe to keep in the tent?


Your RH is fine for veg. They’ll love 75%. Not so much for flower. It is something to think about before you get there. 40% is where I’d want to be in full bud production. Think bud rot.


Oh good! That gives me time to get a decent dehumidifier. :sunglasses: When we switch to flower, we’ll hook up the 1000w HPS and the inline fans.


Snapping off a branch and injuring another wasn’t enough for Emily to show me what she can survive… in the night she ended up tipped over on the ground :drooling_face: Her sling and injured branch are still in tact (I’m amazed!)
I stacked a milk create on top of a large Tupperware box (to bring her closer to the light) and it wasn’t nearly as stable as I thought. Other than facing sideways instead of up, she looks very good considering what she’s been through :smile:

I am (again) grateful for having found this group… reading about others’ growing experiences is so helpful not only in learning what to do and how too do it, but also in reducing stress (mine!) In the past, I would have had a little panic attack over something like this :smile: Now, it’s a learning experience :wink::v::seedling:


Reading my journal is more a case of learning what NOT to do haha.


And that is VERY good info too :wink::v: Mistakes are the best learning tools :upside_down_face::sunglasses::seedling: Even better if you can learn from others mistakes, so your journals have great value :grin:


Mine will likely end up being that too. For example… be careful what you prop your plants up on. Probably better to bring the light down and let the plants be on the ground :joy:
I’m learning things daily!! Makes me feel young :wink:


@GreenThunder many of us do the same with raising our plants. It is better to keep your lights even and raise plants to keep them even, as best you can. But yes stable platforms are important! Lol


I decided the stuff I was using wasn’t going to be as stable as I like (or need) so I switched the light back to the HPS but at 600 instead of 1000. The ladies are back on the ground and I feel better. I think they could use a dose of stronger light before going into flower. And not falling over in the night will be a plus! :sweat_smile:

Of course, I fumble through many tasks and in the switch Dianna suffered a broken branch and super cropping on a couple others. She’ll survive but not sure about the branch. We’ll see in the morning I guess; it’s got a duct tape sling :hugs:


The branch will survive it will just take a tad bit of time to heal


Some pics tonight for documentation; girls have been settled in the tent for a few days now. Temp/RH = 77/63 and they seem happy now that we’ve quit moving them around, knocking them to the ground, and dropping things on them :sweat_smile:

The leaves on the indicas are bigger than my hand!


those leafs are the power plant!! lol and you have large ones!!! lol looks great @GreenThunder


A bit of dew on Abby this morning. The discoloration in the leaves isn’t as obvious irl and may be due to the mix of the HPS lighting, me trying to block it, and using the flash. Going to up the nutes just a touch, I think.


JJ, unknown strain, bag seed, suspected indica dominant - was the runt in the beginning but is about to pass the other 3 gals in hight; although the sativas’ll have been given LST. Today I discovered that her roots are growing out the bottom and sides of her felt container!! Is this a problem?? Or will is cause a problem? If so, is there anything I can do about it?

She’s growing like crazy!!


So I just discovered that I misread the instructions and have been underfeeding my gals. Is it better to slowly increase to the right amount over a few days or just switch directly to the right amount?
I’m going to pick up some compost tea and maybe some cal-mag… I just read that plants in coco need a little extra of this.

They don’t look terrible but do seem to be lacking a little of something.


Can you take a picture in natural light?

What are you running for a nutrient schedule now? And yes, it’s best to ramp up to proper strength.

If you are using coco it would be advisable to monitor your solids in and out. I’m using GH and with everything in solution at week 9 I’m pushing 1,500 ppm at 5.8 ph.


I’m still waiting to receive the pH and tds meters… using drops to test pH right now and have no way to determine ppm :confused:
I’m using ‘hr veg bloom ro/soft’ and the brochure says 4-5 g per gallon (I was using 5) but the container says 0.5-1.5 teaspoons per gallon. I was using 5 g but then I noticed the container listed teaspoons… so I weighed 1 tsp and it was 6.3 g (am I figuring this completely wrong?)

Abby, Bubba Kush

Dianna, bag seed, sour diesel

Emily, bag seed of unknown strain, sativa

JJ, bag seed of unknown strain, indica


I forgot to say I’m feeding to runoff every 12 hrs. Is this too much? Not enough?? I thought you couldn’t over water in coco… leave it to me to find a way :thinking:
I had been giving just water every other day then I read it should never be just water when using coco (sigh).
The girls are 6 weeks old. Abby is the only auto.


You may have been mixing a weak solution but the plants are happy. I only water once a day myself and I usually skip one day after straight water. Once you get your tds meter you can see what the ppm is of the solution you were giving them and ramp it up to recommended gradually.

Pretty plants!


Thank you! I’m kinda in love with them :grin::v::green_heart:

What do you do with the runoff? Do you leave it or drain it?