I've found a treatment for Empty Nest Syndrome!


How old is she from sprout as well @GreenThunder


She nearly doubled her hight over night, after she heard me talking about her :smile:
She’s a Bubba Kush (indica) fem auto, about 4 weeks from sprout. I’ve been watering her daily (she’s in coco) about a quart.
I still need to get a temp/humidity monitor :disappointed:


We should start writing these down hahaha @Myfriendis410


mice grow @GreenThunder


Just be patient my friend she will grow for you she is still young


I’ve never been one for patience but this new hobby sure is going to force it on me! :grin: Waiting for veg, then flowers… then tricomes. Oh my!! :smile: THEN more waiting… drying and curing :expressionless: Jars just waiting to be opened… :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart:
We just jarred the gal we harvested and dried in paper bags for 9 days. 224.6 g at harvest and 103.8 tonight (sampled at least a g in between - see… no patience!)


Lady Dianna was screaming for some LST after watching her sis :wink:
So I gave her four tall tops a gentle pull tonight. I had seen others talk about ‘listening’ to them but wasn’t really sure about it until I (finally) heard her tonight. I think she’s been asking for days, maybe even a week or more. [Listening ears on now]:ear:

They have out grown the closet so tomorrow is moving day… into the tent :sunglasses::green_heart:


Should I cut the large (fan?) leaves? They are gorgeous!! But are they blocking other growth?


No leave them,be they are “solar panels” for the plant. That’s how they harness their energy


THANK YOU!!! I had hoped I wasn’t wrong and keeping them just because they’re pretty :smile:


well said @Majiktoker


For now, just water and light. Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it!


Looking good @GreenThunder :sunglasses::v:


pretty gal there @GreenThunder perfect!


Thanks everyone!! I’m kinda feeling young again, learning so much :smile:
Today I picked up a 1 gallon sprayer for easier watering. And “FloraKleen” for an overdue flush (a thing I learned recently). Starting to feel like I know a little about what I’m doing - which could be dangerous except that I know I have much to learn :wink:
Also, it’s moving day… out of the closet and into the tent :sunglasses: Indicas are settled in; sativas next. Will let them rest then I think they’ll enjoy a nice flush :v::green_heart:


best money you can spend! I have been using one for a few months and it is so much better! Did you unscrew the tip?


I’ll have to check that out :thinking:


if you unscrew the spray tip the water comes out in two nice streams!


Girls are all settled in the tent. They are now 5 weeks old and completely outgrew the closet :hugs::seedling: They look much smaller in the tent :upside_down_face: Going to use the T5 florescents until it’s time to make the switch to 12x12.
The temp is 72 and humidity is 75%. I didn’t set up the inline fans because the T5 doesn’t give that much heat but do I need to lower the humidity?

Emily lost a branch and injured another, but she’ll be fine; I made a sling for the injury.

Abby (Bubba Kush) got flushed but the others will have to wait for tomorrow. I think she enjoyed the attention :seedling::green_heart::sunglasses:

The sativas are happy too, despite the minor injury.


any fans moving air @GreenThunder ?
being that age,minus the stinch, can you open your tent flaps at intervals to help until you get in-line? just some thoughts,your grow looks great