I've found a treatment for Empty Nest Syndrome!


I’m not sure. It could easily be fine, and I’ve seen people do it in computer case grows. The only real difference is that they’re plants don’t get much bigger than where yours is now when they start to flower.

It may work out better if you can undo it. Then give it some time to straighten out. If that goes ok, you want to bend it slightly from the top. If you do it correctly, all of the lower branches will try to take over. Once that happens, you can remove tie from the top and your plant should start to resemble a chandelier of tops.

Bending below all the nodes could be beneficial, and it will probably create more tops as well. But you’ll probably have to do a lot of supporting as she develops. Use your best judgment as to which way you want to go with it. You’ll learn something either way.


That’s what I was thinking… I do learn best by doing but I can generally follow directions fairly well too, but prefer those with pics :wink:
I started 4 because I wanted at least 2 so I thought I had 2 to experiment with… BUT if only 2 are girls and I’m guinee-pigging one… oops, that wasn’t the plan :upside_down_face:
For now, I eased up the pull and will watch what happens, offering her support as needed. I think you’re right tho, I must have stunted her growth :confused: I don’t think all is lost as she’s still alive and I have learned a lot already. :sunglasses:
Thank you for your advice!


She should definitely be fine. When you train them it definitely induces some amount of stress. How much depends on how aggressive you get. It also varies some from strain to strain. Some plants you will see bounce back from a low amount of stress overnight. Others will be longer.

I wouldn’t sweat it though. Just let her do her thing for a bit, and go from there.


NO! Say it ain’t so! I thought you were normal LMFAO! We are all of us a bunch of stoned, obsessive pot growers in training.

Hmmm, new t-shirt - - - “Pot Grower In Training” hahaha.


Not my picture, as I don’t do a lot of plant training. But it’s my understanding that this kind of bending is a little more user friendly. You tie the top down similar to pic. The lower branches will kind of take off to replace the top.


So what is this “empty nest” thingy you speak of??? Mine are adults too! I bought them each a set of luggage when they turned 18, packed them and sent them on their happy way…but they came back :crazy_face:

HOW do you KEEP them away!?! LOL.

On another note, nice looking plants. Keep up the good work!!!



Mine is 22 and leaving for the 2nd time (I did help purchase his one way ticket!) I’m fairly certain he won’t be back this time… the first move was only 3 miles away.
Part of the trick, in my case, is that we live in a very isolated place and he’s itching to experience the big wide world. Options are very limited in our area. It’s quite exciting to hear him rattle on about all the things he’ll get to do and experience. On the flip side of that is that he has said he’ll feel like a failure if he ever has to move back to our hometown :slightly_frowning_face: I kinda get it but it felt a little bad :confused:



lol. Mine did just the opposite. He grew up in the burbs of a big city and moved to a little podunk town with his girlfriend. Nice little place but after about a week I’d be longing for the city! I tell people I like the city because I can walk a mile in any direction and find a burger and a beer. Love the country but hate to drive into town for everything.


We have about 50 miles of road but are landlocked. Not an island but might as well be… can only get in/out by boat or plane. He left every summer to visit my dad so he knows there’s a world out there. He’s been planning and researching for a year and will finish a CDL driving class before he leaves. I feel he’s well prepared and seems to have realistic expectations; and he has set himself up to be employable. I still worry a bit, of course… I’m a mom and the world is a crazy place.


Pics of the tops tonight, almost 4 weeks old. Was going to try to only take pics once a week (on Sundays) but I can’t quite help it :smile:


Beautiful! Very symmetric.


I have learned a lot since joining this group. I only recently learned about checking pH - when the gal I just harvested was half or more into flowering. She made me proud but I know the yields will improve as I use the knowledge shared here :sunglasses::green_heart:



Pretty plant @GreenThunder! I’ve been doing this for a year and I’m very much learning! On my 4th and 5th grow now.


Abby, Bubba Kush, fem auto
She is my only auto and seems stunted compared to the others, even her indica sister. Is this normal?

JJ, bag seed, unknown strain, suspected indica dominant due to short height. She’s not so short next to her fem auto sis; but shorter than the sativa (the one I didn’t LST)


I wouldn’t worry much about the auto, they kind of do their own thing. I’ve definitely seen worse at this stage end up producing a reasonable amount.


@GreenThunder I know very little about autos and haven’t ever knowingly grown one, but there are a ton of pros on here that grow with them, @Countryboyjvd1971 @Majiktoker @bob31
They would be a better source of info on autos and they are the pros.


What do you want to know


Will she grow and flower?
Is she little because she’s an auto?
Can I do anything to help her growth or did I do something to hinder it?

Any info is appreciated, really. She’s so different from the others; she is my first non-bag seed and I guess I expected more from her :thinking:


What strain is she bubba kush?

Will she grow taller yes likely give her time. Will she flower yes on her own when shes sexually mature. What are your temps, humidity, and how often is she watered, as well as how much