I've found a treatment for Empty Nest Syndrome!


One of my gals, the unknown strain, has foxtailing on one bud


I had my THC Bomb strain do this, but it was close
to the end for harvesting. Supposedly light leaks cause this, but I’m not entirely certain on this. @GreenThunder


A couple weeks ago they had a ‘lightning storm’ (we took pictures with flash right after the lights turned off) The tent is sealed up pretty good and in a dark room with the door closed. There shouldn’t be light leaking.
I’m not really worried about the foxtailing, kinda intrigued by how different it makes the buds look. Is the weird appearance the reason it’s undesirable? Looks like it’ll burn just fine :sunglasses::call_me_hand::green_heart:


Took a couple pics again tonight at lights out. One gal, the one foxtailing, has several leaves changing color so I feel she must be close but not a single amber trichome :thinking:

I wasn’t able to get a clear pic of the tricomes but I think this one shows how loaded she is with them

Foxy lady :green_heart:


I completely agree with the foxtailing. I don’t know why, and I was pretty certain mine was in the dark as well. Maybe someone with more grow experience might know and understand? We could tag them… @GreenThunder


Foxtailing is a result of genetics or possibly heat. Both can contribute


She is an unknown strain so I bet that’s it. The other girls don’t have it.


We have AMBER!!! The moment I have been waiting for :sunglasses::call_me_hand: Only on one of the three and cannot get a pic but I did see one :eyes: So I clipped a frosty leaf from the center for a more steady view and sure enough… I see bits of amber!! So I’m going to switch to water only and see what happens in the next few days. Her stem is too thick for me to feel comfortable trying my first split.

Dianna, sour diesel bag seed (and the super hero of the group) :grin:


That’s great news @GreenThunder it won’t be long.


drill a hole in her @GreenThunder…lol
congrats on getting her along this far!
nice healthy trunk there!


That’s an idea :thinking: But I also want to try to reveg her


The girls are 10 weeks in flower now and I’m itching to harvest :neutral_face: I’ve seen a few amber tricomes and while I don’t want a lot of amber I think 5 is probably not enough :laughing:
I’ve not tried to get pics of the tricomes (too shaky) but I did get a couple decent bud shots tonight…

Abby, bubba kush auto fem

JJ, unknown strain

She started out as the runt, with strong indica traits (short, very large fan leaves - indica, right?) But she grew taller than the sour diesel (sativa, right?) Her leaves have a beautiful shimmer


All out of likes @GreenThunder but she looks beautiful! Next time you capture her on film, hold something up next to her for size comparison. Nice growing! My GSC was funny that way, strong indica traits, until you switch her to flowering, then she became very sativa like.


I just remembered I have more to report… bananas?!! I think so but not entirely sure

@Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 @dbrn32 @MyFriendis410 @covertgrower @ anyone else watching :wink:


Yes that’s what those appear to be, but I don’t have much experience with those. @GreenThunder might be too late to remove them now, but I dont know. Most people I’ve read that have them, just pick them off.


Well, it looks like a sack on the plant. But on the coin it kind of looks like a calyx.

Wish I could be more helpful, but it’s so hard to say for sure. Can you take it away from your grow space and open it? See if it has swollen pistils inside.


I did pick off these and a few others. May just have to harvest her if there are too many more… ?


I would wait for a more experienced grower to answer @GreenThunder I would hate to steer you wrong on this one. Especially a too early of a chop.


@Covertgrower go back up and take a look at pic one on post 192. That bud looks like it’s foxtailing a little does it not?

I’m wondering if maybe what we’re seeing here is an underdeveloped calyx?

@GreenThunder it’s got to be difficult being so close, but I would definitely wait til one of the other guys get a look. Friday nights are always a little slow on activity, but I’m sure most will be by in the morning.


Ten weeks doesn’t feel early :upside_down_face: (I’m looking for a reason to chop!!) :laughing: