I've found a treatment for Empty Nest Syndrome!

I’m a newbie and have been soaking up some of the valuable info generously shared here :sunglasses:

Though I’ve grown two plants (one that’s being harvested in a few days) I’ve only just begun to take it seriously and have become a little obsessed :smiling_imp:

My only child is flying away soon and I’ve got all the mixed feelings that come with that milestone. Filling the empty space (both physical and emotional) with a grow tent and new hobby has been just what the doctor ordered (not literally) :wink:

My tent is 4x4x6; light is 1000w HPS with an adjustable ballast, 6" inline fan, a sunsystem light shield, and a carbon filter.

I have for girls (I hope they’re all girls) in veg state, just over 3 weeks old:

  • Bubba Kush, fem auto (yay, at least one for sure is a girl!) Indica
  • an unknown strain, bag seed; Indica
  • Sour Diesel, bag seed; Sativa
  • an unknown strain; Sativa

I’ve become intrigued with manipulation so I am experimenting with some LTS on the unknown sativa. I could use more advice on this as I go.

They are each in 5 gallon fabric containers with coco (Tupur: coco fiber, aged forest materials, perlite, and crushed basalt)

They were started, and are still in the closet with T5 florescent lights (2 plants per light, on 2 shelves)
My grown boy flies away in 6 weeks so the tent is in my room until then.

Was trying to do pics but that’ll have to wait.

(Ugh - clumsy thumb, posted before done !)

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I feel your pain @GreenThunder. My only son moved out a couple months ago also and I started my new hobby about then too. I never made the connection! Good luck. I’ll be watching!


Sounds like you have it figured out hahaha
I’ll be watching and if you need anything just tag me
I’m around most days for a while anyway hahaha
Happy growing :v::cowboy_hat_face: CB


I love lst and super cropping, scrog training. If you need anything let me know.

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Tag all of these guys in: they have a clue. Also, check out @Wishingilivedina420state journal “learning how extreme GSCX really is”. You’ll end up ordering seeds though haha.

If you haven’t already, download the free Grow Bible which will be very helpful in the near future.

I’m kind of like you in that I’m recently retired from whiskey making and started doing this for fun and as a sleep aid. (You can see my latest journal: “My Journal started one way and went off the rails”) Seeing as I live in California it’s close to ideal. I’ll tag you in if you like.


It has been a wonderful distraction :wink:


Here’s my girl Emily, unknown sativa. I do need guidance on the next steps and hope I didn’t start to soon (for her and me!) I’m guessing, once she grows a bit more I should start pulling branches outward.


I’ve read the bible and it triggered the thirst for more :smiley:
Please do tag me in your journal, and thank you and everyone for helping! I wish the whole world was more like what I’ve found here :wink::sunglasses:

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You’ll be fine trust me , this is a great site to learn from , we got your back don’t worry :wink:


Here’s the little indicas :heart_eyes: I’m loving the purple showing up on Abby :sunglasses:

The sativas :sunglasses:


Such pretty little girls


Hi @GreenThunder I am the Grow Doctor! I order you to obsess over growing Cannabis!

Welcome to the super obsessed Growers Club of the World!


Right on! :sunglasses:

I’m so happy to have found y’all… not only to learn from but it’s also been nice to have folks to just chat with about it. :wink:

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Ok so I’ve seen a lot of mention of runoff but could use a bit of advice as it applies to my specific grow. I’m using a coco mix (Tupur: coco fiber, aged forest materials, perlite, and crushed basalt) in 5 gallon felt containers. Should I be feeding/ watering till it runs off? That would mean I need some kind of catch dish… do I also need to have a rack or something to keep the felt out of the runoff or is it ok to sit in it?
I’m currently feeding once a day and spraying once a day. Is this enough if I’m not having runoff?

Every time I think I have a favorite among the 4 - one of the others shines for attention :smile:


That’s when ts good to grow 1 at a time and spoil her with attention and treats, like a bigger than usual pot are up grade a light.


The one I’m about to harvest had a ‘sister’ that turned out to be a male. :pensive:
I know that one of my current 4 is a fem and I wanted to grow two so I started extras just in case they aren’t all girls :thinking::upside_down_face:

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When training as a new grower, you may want start kind of mild and gradually increase the amount you do over the first couple of grows. It’s not hard to do, but it’s very easy to misjudge how much growth you’ll get through the stretch. You’ll get a little better idea of how they transition and how much you want to push them after watching a couple cycles all the way through.


Sooooo… I did start with this gal… do you think too soon for her and/or me? I thought she responded well

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Not necessarily. But that bend in her stalk isn’t in the ideal place. The stalk will get stiff as she matures, and if she gets heavy buds, it could break.

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Should I and can I undo it?