I've been wondering if a drill bit would work better for this than a knife

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I’ve been wondering if a drill bit would work better for this than a knife.

Are you splitting the stem? We’ll need a little more info to be any help…I would suggest creating an account on the ILGM forum and posting a new thread with pictures attached.:sunglasses:


I 2nd joining the group. I used the drill bit technique because I am quite attached to my fingers. Do it at least 7-10 days before harvest, shorter time frame won’t get you the desired effect. Some swear by it, I really didnt notice a difference but that could be because my girls are so small.

There are several awesome instructional posts on the forum, search “stem splitting”.


I do it 5 days prior to harvest really notice it day 4 with not much happening after day 5.
I’d you do use a drill be careful. Because if the stem being wet it gums up the drill bit so be careful to not just let the bit spin and get hot

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I too am attached to all 8 of my fingers , but I’m also thinking about splitting The stem on my wonder woman plant but I’m going to zip tie my stem and split the stem using my Spike Kantana knife from cold steel . I don’t work for Cold steel I just love my kantana knife lol

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