Its winter here now

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Its winter here now with temps getting down to 14deg C during day and 3 deg C at night. I will be growing in a shed that has clear roofing so it warms up compared to outside temps on a semi sunny day.
What do you think?

Is the shed insulated? the plants dont like temps much below 7-8 c they can tolerate it for a little while but it would be best if you can keep temps 21-25
Another question how many hours of light would they receive? Would you be supplementing day light with anything
Why dont you join us here so we can help guide you and help you get set up
Happy growing :v:️ CB :cowboy_hat_face:

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@raustin. This lovely lady gave me great advice on this subject

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That’s pretty darn cold, do you have any way to heat the shed, especially at night?


Hi. The shed has insulated walls and clear polycarb roofing.
When the sun is out it gets quite warn- 20c + and would get easily 8 hours on a sunny day but in winter its not always sunny.
I do have an aircon in shed but as our electricity prices are more than 0.38c kw ( yes i think we are highest in world) an a bit reluctant to use every night. I do have a hydro exhaust so was thinking of a small fire pit inside and using exhaust to remove smoke but, yeah not ideal. Maybe i should wait for spring start september

If ur anywhere near New Zealand I start my beans end of July , in shed by window till it gets warm, gives them a month head start.

I just looked at their weather and would say its much the same