It's Trimming Time!

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“So Im trimming plants and am wondering what the “standard” is for leaving some of the beautiful tiny leaves covered in crystals. It seems to me that as a buyer I would love to have all those delicate little leaves in tact on my bud. In all the pics Ive seen the buds are trimmed down and the tiny leaves are cut off. Sure I could collect them and cook them but why not leave them on? It cuts down on trimming time and they are beautiful even when dried. Any thoughts?”

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Guess that would depend if its for personal use or to sell. No one is going to pay extra for the weight that’s not bud.

IMHO, the sugar leaves are usually harsher than the flowers. I personally like the flavor and grind both together. I think it is all personal preference.

Oh, for the people with big fat buds, I think it helps them dry better. I hope to have that problem…


It’s a personal choice as @Rugar89 stated
I prefer to trim so I don’t taste all that leaf after the curing process
@Whodat66 has a good point as well
Leaving the leaf on will effect the overall taste of the end product
Collecting the trim is best to make butter or hash etc

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Also, for any that vape - DO NOT throw away your “spent” AVB. That makes great butter as well.