Its time to pee, now what?

We all hate to hear it, but some of us must do it. Whether for a job, or a judge some of us just have to.

As for me, i dont abstain anymore, just too damn old. So i got the fake stuff a hand warmer and a fake pecker(the x large of course). Hasnt failed me yet. I got the whole kit together in the car, depending on the outfit i can be ready in 30 min or so.

Whats everyone else do?


That is a whole new level of dedication my friend I have a card but before I just kept the quick fix plus in the tool box but everyone knew so they just never tested me

What if you added some hair for that added touch lol

Not something I have to deal with but if I did, I’d do it how you’re doing it, also with x large pecker model. LOL

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Rite! You gotta go with the x lg. Gotta be realistic.

Whats quick fix??

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Quick fix is a brand of novelty urine.
Also if needed in a flash you could always nuke your sample for less then 10 sec itll get a little to hot but it’s good for the wait period before testing they always drag there feet

This makes me LOL.
At my work random tests start with “can you pass a drug test” until a person says yes, they get the test.


Never had to do this. I am self employed and work with my wife. But hey, thanks, now she is interested in starting this. I think she’s just interested in the XL dong? I’ve told her all along I was an XL. So what are we talking here? Am I going to be embarrassed?

I did that song and dance for a while man. Luckily I have a job where I don’t have to worry about that. It’s definitely a PIA. :unamused:

I guess that is a matter of perspective… perhapse application.

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Thankfully I am not in the military anymore where they watch the pee leave my body. I just get the fake stuff and walk in to the labs now. Simple pimple, until they find a way to figure out fake from real.

hee larious! how did i miss this before? lol

I done it before. With someone’s clean pee a small silicone squirt bottle and foot warmers. I probably still have a picture of it. Funny stuff.