It's time to flip to 12 12

Hi everyone i love it hear i am new as i mentioned it’s time to flip my babies any suggestions on the best way to flip them to 12 12


Yup, make sure that your timer works



Sounds extremely… simple. But ive seen a few Hermi’s pop up… n one of the suspectd reasons was a lighting error. Sometimes no light. Sometimes light 4 days straight. Sometimes timer malfunction.
Test ur equipment. Thoroughly

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Yea it’s pretty simple. Some people like to give that plant 24-36 hours of darkness 1 time at the start to ensure the plant knows that it’s time to flower. I just fillped mine to 12/12 but had to go to 10/14 light/dark cycle to get one of my plants to flower after 3 weeks. Two days later, it was pistils city.

3 popular methods:
1—straight 12/12 light cycle
2—slowly reduce hours to 12 over a week
3----keep in dark for 48 hours…then 12/12