Its the flowering stage

Hi all.
Its flowering season here in nz and ive been putting a lot of good information from people in here to good practice.
Alls looking good.
Im an outside grower using an organic approach.
Got some unsulphured organic molasses to add to my compost tea which at the moment is some duck shit.
I:5 ratio. 1 part duck poo 5 parts water.
Then taking from that a ratio of 1:10 ratio.
With this first 1:5 i have added 2 tbsp of the molasses now.
See how that goes.
Each week in flowering i have added Epsom salt to the soil mixed with water.
Every other week im giving them a feed of diluted seasol liquid seaweed.
What else?
Taken off a few leaves as the weeks go by in the flower stage. Practiced bending cracking and have also added some male pollen to a bud low down on the plant so be interesting to see what happens there.
I got my macro camera lens out yesterday.
Took a few photos of the buds close up it was a bit windy to keep then still and in sun light.
Got a good enough idea whats happening.
Little clear trichomes forming over everything.
The flowers started forming on the 22nd February so i got a wee way to go.
The suns not getting on then as early as they were a few months ago.
But still getting some sun from about 9am til about 6.30pm.
Been watching the suns pattern closely for next seasons grow.
Im guessing you still want as much sunshine on them as you can coming to the end of the grow season even though its the shortening of light that makes them flower.
Mornings are getting colder but no frost as yet thank goodness.

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