Its that time of year! OD'n on yhe O.D


So anyone else out there got blisters on their scissors fingers? Props to my partner in crime! All the hard work is paying off.not only did u grow lots of med our friend ship grew along with it this summer.
So who else has these problems, not yhat they are bad problems to have,lol… Smells like we raise skunks, black sticky fingers and scissor finger blisters??? :wink:


I recruited my partner in crime to help trim too. She was a good sport. I will have to clean up some of her work after drying but it won’t be too bad. She’s been pretty patient with me. I think my indoor garden is all I talk about.


@Bogleg yeah im thinking my fingers would fall if i tried to do it alone. We recruited my wifey also. Its her first rodeo, she lost her virginity and is loving it. Shes very ocd and patient. She can sit for 6 or more hours straight no breaks!!!and is in her own world. These are ILGM super skunk in pict. And strawberry kush is waiting to get a hair cut as we speak. He had 100% germ rate with all his seeds this year. Our only issue was a week of rain, no sun,no wind= mold. More pictures after work


That’s a awesome problem to have congrats on a great harvest. Well done


Thanks.those picture are only one plants of superskunk. I cant take the credits on all this. Its my buddys gardens. He did the hard part. But we are a team. When i mentioned i wanted to start growing my own meds again he is the one who hooked me up with ILGM for beans. We had a PH problem with one plant and at the end we got mold… Oh and we found a tree stand close enough to put us on edge but all and all it was good. We became pretty tight friends this summer with this adventure.


That’s awesome, here’s hopeing the next grow goes better.




Nice buds ,


Blisters on my fingers & oh my back! Gotta admit it was happy pain!


Straw berry kush is bomb!! Nice to trim barely any junk grows clean. No mold or pest issues. And nice solid buds covered in crystals!!
Outdoor it produced less then the superskunk. But it grew so pretty and healthy. Really a treat to trim up. The ss grew crazy produced alot, buds sticky dark really wet heavy stuff. All mold issues were in ss. Even sbk plants in same gardens as ss no mold no inchworms.i recommend sbk to anyone begbyiner or expert alike. I am keeping 2 clones of it as mothers for next year and might grow one indoors under a scrog see what shell do. Thanks ILGM. ONE LAST SS to harvest. And then 2 weeks my skunk#1garden should be ready to bring in. Since its been cold at nights they got really dark almost purples on some


Looks great :+1: congrats


Trimming, Uhggg feels never ending. Lol not worst problem to have,but heres yesterdays accomplishments


Far left is superskunk OD. rest are strawberry kush OD. The SS is dark super dense sticky heavy buds, stinky, lots and lots of leaves, kind of pain in ass to trim, had some mold issues, grew into thick leafy monster plants. The strawberry kush… Smells like a quart of berrys beside a quart of fresh bud. Grew into long thin plants with long upward single branches, and with the tips of all branches producing long buds, had hardly any junk leaves, and min. Sug. Leafs. But all of them are covered in sticky sparkly sugars and are making excellent concentrates. Its easy to trim and cleans up real pretty like. Also no issues growing didnt get mold even when plants in same gardens basically touching it had mold. Didnt produce as much as the ss but it was still a pretty decent producer. Its going to have a for sure spot in my garden next year after seeing what is was all about this year. Props to the crew! U did good bro! And thanks to everyone(420crew) for helping. ILGM magic beans&genetics seem to be top notch!, thank u.


Looks great wish I had some samples





)my wifey passed out trimming while we were watching tv. Lol i let her model some buds in her sleep. … Best wife ever!


Are rabbit loves the trimmings and fresh stems. Had to remove some pictures due to illegal state and going threw a custody battle. Sorry guys