Its snowing in August!

G13 Auto… hopefully just a month left!



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she has a lot of white pistils. Wait til they get amber and recede back in bud. How old is she? If u read that they would be done 8 or 10 weeks. They r done when she says so. You could possibly harvest in a month.
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@beachglass if there is one thing ive learned in the past few months, its patience. Theyve been in flower for about 3 to 4 weeks now… gave them one feeding of COM plant food ( half strength ) then followed a week later with COM bud n bloom, and then topped with COM worm castings.

Im just letting them do their thing… after they are done, my photos in the back are going to flower… oh by the way, they broke ground july 3rd. There are 3 of them.


May not be snow but that is frosty fo’ sho’. :+1:

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