It's nute burn this little burn marks on the edge of the leaf

@Randy_Marsh @Budz @Low

Yep, and it will be fine.

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@Covertgrower so I don’t need to flushed?

@Covertgrower thanks 4 comment

To be expected when you start feed right away in most soil.

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@Budz I’m on happy frog farm so I don’t need to nute she is 2weeks old and I think with all respect is little nute burn

That’s I think so

Happy frog lasts a month, can add feed before then. I use and do. But moderately. You implied you’ve already been feeding. The whole multiple thread thing should be combined tho. Just one set journal and tag who you need from there.

What kind of water? Can’t ph water with less than 100ppm.

Filter water ph 6.4 on soil and 0 ppm

Then you arent setting ph in the water. Water doesn’t hold pH on its own without disolved solids. It will just take on the ph of your medium, and adding ph up/down like that probably isn’t good for the root environment. Runoff or slurry pH?

@Budz sorry 99ppm that my water

Hmm. Ok. Otherwise you’d just use a small amount of calmag. Just trying to help you out here.

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@Budz tanks bro I’m grateful for u help and the help of @Covertgrower
I have cal mag this one


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Lite burn nothing mayor

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@Randy_Marsh thanks bro

No worries bro :sunglasses: fist grows are a pain

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Yeah small burns are nothing to worry about. As I said. To be expected.

still my strongest by far.

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same plant today

Edit. All colas in picture are it.

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I’m keep open the tent around every 20 minutes cuz today my weather is high so in the tent is like 90°F