It's not easy being cheesy

Got new curing jar.

2 gallon jug. I also use 2 gallon pork rind jugs with screw on lids. That’s why I like these also screw on lid. I only cure in these. I store in vacuum sealed mason jars.
The two gallon jug is in my opinion great fill it to the one and a half to three quarters mark full. Then roll around to mix and burp. Saves burping so many jars.
Buy for 8 something with tax eat pork rinds or cheese puffs wash out 3 times with dawn rinse with super super hot water dry. Leave sit on shelf with no lid for a couple weeks upright rinse with super hot water Again. Smell will be completely gone. I never wash after that. Some day when sides get really full of trikes I will rinse with 190 alcohol and save.
The Plastic jugs I’ve seen cost more alone than that. Besides these are like getting them for free.


All sorts of goodies come in those containers.


I use to use a beef jerky container that was similar must of not of washed it to well the 1st qp I put in there absorbed the teriyaki flavor must say it was a meaty smoke lmfao


Qp in this would not be a quarter full it will hold over apound with plenty of room to spare. @LiesGrows

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