Its going to get real hot soon!

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I’m growing in my greenhouse. the temperature is already 95 degrees, so soon it will be over 100 degrees will this be OK? I put in a fan but only knocked it down 1 or 2 degrees. its going to get real hot soon. thanks”

“I could not find the answer to my question in the Marijuana grow bible. My greenhouse is already reaching 110 degrees and will only get hotter as summer continues. I am worried that the high heat will damage or kill my plants. Any thoughts??”

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I do not have a greenhouse but that degree of heat will not be good for your plants. I would get an a/c unit and maybe some sun shade screening to cover the glass. We have some here that use a greenhouse and should be able to help out.

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Thanks TxGrowman, I tried a 110 a/c unit, It helped a little, but not enough. Man talk about a hot house.
I really need to grow in the green house, its the only stealth way I can grow. So I’ll try removing the roof, and see if that will do it .but it still gets 95 to 100 here in the summer. South Texas.

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Just a beginner here thought I would chime in on my experience. I live in Dallas and have never had a problem with the heat. Although I have never used a green house, all plants have been potted outdoors. I have always made sure to water properly and never directly hit plants with stream of water. I’m sure you already know this but during the intense heat of the day any droplets of water on a plant will act as a magnifying glass and burn your leaves.

We had triple digits here in Cal 9 days in a row last week , I constructed a shade with burlap blanket and pvc pipe , tucked my big girls in the middle of the cover and on the ends I put my tomatoe plants , it seems the smaller girls didnt mind a little more sun .