It's getting out of hand ! HELP!

Hello from Thailand!

So, I used a couple of Thai Seeds that were left over from a batch I bought from my local supplier and I decided to start my first project on growing Marijuana.
As it’s highly illegal in this country, there’s nobody I could really ask for any proper support or help so I’m trying it here on the forum.

First of all, I would like to introduce myself a bit.
I love working in my Garden, I have a Aquaponic Setup (Fill & Drain system) for my Veggies & Random Herbs with about 200 Catfish growing big in my basin providing the nutrients to my plants by pooping.

I also have a tiny corn field and a couple of Chili’s that I enjoy from a raised bed with soil.

I love fresh eggs so I adopted two chickens. Now here’s the fun part.
I build a Chicken coop with on the back side of the coop my grow space. My chicks kinda run around in their own garden area and just go in their coop to lay eggs every day. However, nobody but me really wants to get through the chicken shit to get to the coop for their eggs. I don’t mind. Which is good. Camouflage!

It all started off well even though of the ridiculous the high temperature (both inside & outside).

This is a Thai Outdoor strain and should be able to grow up to 3mtrs in their normal habitat.

My plants are NOW 2 months and 2 weeks old and “4 weeks ago up to the height of being halfway through the grow space” as I’ve read that the plants will double in size in the bloom stretch.

I kept pruning the plants quite often so they wouldn’t get to tall and get to close to the lights.

So 4 weeks ago when the plants were 1 month and two weeks old I turned to flowering nutricion. 12/12 and 2x warm white and 2x blue white CFL lights.

Now after 4 weeks there’s still no flowers!

I think that there might still be light coming in through the vent holes in the daytime. I turn on the lamps in the nighttime so my grow space wont overheat too much… my thermometer outside read 44 degrees celsius last week and inside it’s about 3/4 degrees cooler with the lights OFF at daytime. Turning ON the lights in the daytime will increase the temprature quite a bit and the leaves are already showing signs of burns… I have a inlet & outlet hole and a extra fan to cirulate Air inside… and a air freshner machine that takes the moisture and smell out of the air… but only so much.

Now, should I trip down my plants once again and turn on the lights in the daytime so it’s actually 100% dark during sleeping time?

If I keep on going like this any longer, my plants will have serious issues.

Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appericiated!

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Have they stretched or shown any signs of preflowers? they need dark but some strains do take longer to start flowering but pictures would help. How much light is coming in the vents during day time can you baffle them to reduce light coming in?

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I’m growig Wild Thai, here’s pic

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They look great! Almost ready for harvest?

They’re getting real close to harvest.

Another week or so.


You got to let me know how it is. I want to order me some also.

if it were me i wouldn’t trim again . and just a thought when your lights turn off go inside and let your eyes adjust and check for in coming light . if you have light coming in get it blocked …depending on your vents you mite be able to add 2 1/2-3 ft of flexable ducting like dryer ducting then bend it at a 90 degree angle so itll block the lite …good growing Hammer. PS hello from Alaska

Check this Thai out. Its all bud…!

This one here is a clone of the plant above.

This one is a Pheno#3 note the density of this plant.

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Garrigan62 you are the cloning wizard , and flower perpetual master , you got these a of green mastered .