Its decision time for a novice and I need help

First, my girls look solid, but 1 has droopy leafs and another has leaves so low they rest on soil, and I doubt either of those things indicates anything awesome.
Why is it happening and what should I do?

18 days since germ. Think it’s time to transplant to the final 5 gal. Am I right?

Do I top them? Should I wait longer? Should I be thinking something else rather than topping?

2x Northern Lights
2x Gelato
1x Blueberry
1x Thai Kush

Just watered 24hrs ago.


Pot up. Don’t top until you transplant and they recover from any transplant shock and have grown a few more nodes


I’ve read quite a few say to wait until 4-5 nodes to top. As far as transplanting I’ve read multiple times that when the leaves grow out wider than the cup then you can transplant. I’m a new grower myself, I just switched to flower 2 weeks ago. I hope this is helpful. Happy growing!

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As breezy mentioned wait until you have atleast 4 nodes to top/FIM. Your o.k to transplant now. At that size droopy leaves typically indicate a watering issue.


Over or underwatering?
I’m still an untrained eye.

I see un warranted panic! I am curious, why is your light fixture aimed at the side of the plant? Plants will phototrope, ie, aim at the light source.
Are the plants healthy and green? No obvious signs of disease?
What medium are they currently in? What method and frequency are you watering? Are you using fertilizers?
I find that potting up can be a good way to rescue plants with nutritional issues, but done too early and it can be messy and dirt everywhere roots hanging off the soiless plant sorta thing. Generally, I kinda prefer to root bind my container a tad before I transplant. So when I see root popping out the bottom of the initial container its time to pot up.


Very well could be unwarranted panic. My first time started out money and suddenly shit the bed, so my blood pressure skyrockets at the slightest unforeseen occurrence!

Mid way through 3rd week.
Germed in Rapid Rooter plugs and after germ put in Happy Frog solo cups w 20% perlite and lots of bottom drainage holes.

Have a 45w Root Farm LED to germ, just 4 days ago put them under 4x 54w T5s. Added germ light to supplement. Bad idea? It’s only been in there 4 days.

Water every other day until a few drip come out the bottom. Add 1/5 strength dose of Root 66 and Veg stuff from TerraFlora and 20% dose of CalMag once a week.

Lights on 19/5
Temp 71 off, 79-82 on
Humidity at 57.5% at all times.

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What is the best beginner stress technique?
SCROG? FIM? Something else?

Help this newb. I move in 4 months, so I want to nail this!

So buddy, I’m taking you up on that offer as a
resource as I got through 2 weeks my first attempt before scorching my seedlings under lights way too powerful for their age. I’ve never grown anything but found it quickly becoming an obsession and I’m hell bent on doing it until I get a success under the belt. What I lack in experience, I try to offset with great equipment and obsessively researching.

I’ll try to be detailed without being lengthy.

2x Blueberry
2x Gelato
2x Northern Lights
All femed from ilgm
5x5 ggt with 6’11 extension
Inkbird temp control
Inkbird humidity control
Dehumidifier and humidifier
T6 cloudline exhaust
T4 cloud line intake

Started in Rapid Rooter cubes under
45 led Root Farm led light for germ with heat mat at 78 and 60% humidity

Transplanted into Solo cues with Happy Frog with 1/5 dose of Root 66 and set them under T5s on a 19/5 schedule.
Water until drips leak out the bottom every 2 or 3 days.

Just transplanted today without a hitch into 3 gal Ocean Farm smart pots.

Just changed out T5 and have ROI LED at 60% 20in away.

Inkbird temp and humidity control.
Humidity at 57.5
Temp is 82 lights on, 70 lights off.

Germed 6/27, so in week mid week 3.
Have no idea if I’m going to FIM, top, or what. I just research and commit!

Here is some pics on how things progressed so far.

Need advice to what to expect as my next move as I’m just being reactive.


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When you say you move in 4 months, will it be a problem moving the buds or are you hoping to be complete by then?

Hoping to be canned and curing by then.

Give them 10 solid weeks to flower. Add 10 days for transition. That leaves you with 4-5 weeks of veg before you flip to 12/12.

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When you say 4-5 weeks of veg, are we starting that time from seed, or starting that time after a few set of true leafs develop and are out of seedling stage?

Does seedling stage count as veg is my confusion.

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I count seedling stage as the first 4 weeks. Then veg then flower. Unless it’s an auto it could be in flower in 4 weeks and skip veg.

It’s looking like time isn’t on your side bro. If you top now, the plant will have to recover for a bit and that will reduce the time you have on the back end. I think I would just go for a natural grow at this point to maximize the yield you could get.

Just look at the 16 weeks until the move. 6 weeks veg, 10 weeks flower.

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Coming along well accept for 1 that seems to be the runt of my liter growing at a snail’s pace.

Though they all look pretty good, but half of them are getting leaf discoloration at the bottom. At first I thought it was nitrogen, but then realized my soil ph was 7.5 :frowning:

Just watered with 5.8 ph water in attempt to bring it down. If I do this for a few weeks will the soil fall in line, or is there a better fix someone can reccomend?

Here are some pics to give context.

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@dbrn32 @PurpNGold74 @Bobbydigital
you all know your stuff, any input?

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Are you using that soil probe to determine soil ph? The only thing that works ok on those things is the moisture meter. The ph probe would tell you battery acid is between 7-8 ph. Those yellow leaves look like they may have contacted the soil at some point.

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Slight yellowing… id bet its pH as well… youre gonna want to get a more reliable meter. Digital pens can only test liquid but are much more accurate.

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@Bobbydigital YES!

A few of my plants grew leaves maybe 1/2in above the soil. As they got bigger, they definitely rested on it. I was thinking about cutting them off, but didnt want to be hasty.

For future reference, should I let that be, or should I cut leaves touching soil as to focus its energies elsewhere?

Glad to hear those meters suck. I was bummed my FFOF had 7.5+ ph and was wondering how they were looking so good in shit ph.

What ph meter would you all recommend? I have test strips, but it’s hard to tell what shade of yellow/orange I have vs the chart.

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