It's Christmas already


Big Brown Truck was just here.
Santa :santa: must have thought I was a good hillbilly this year!!! Two 1200 King Pluses !!! :sunglasses:


Good to go.
Happy Growing


sweet! With all these grows going on the power companies are gonna need more power plants!

Fire those bad boys up @hillbilly103


@bob31 I had planed to post the pic when I start my grow log :kissing_smiling_eyes: But I was like a kid on Christmas morning when brown truck came rolling up the driveway this morning. Had to show the neighbors my new toys. I’ll be ready to hang them in a week or so. I got the electric for the room run today. A dedicated 30amp circuit.


very nice brother, looking forward to hearing more as you go along!


@bob31 Many Thanks


@hillbilly103 woohoo your going to grow some good bud under those lights my friend
What size tent or room you using ?
Can’t wait to see your grow
Tag me when you get started
Nice a 30 amp circuit will be plenty I run two tents and all the stuff on a 20 amp with no problems but have thought about upgrading my electric as well since panel only about 15 feet away it would be easy to do
Happy days :cowboy_hat_face::v:️CB


@Countryboyjvd1971 room is 4x8x8 in my basement
I’ve got the walls in stud and the ceiling up as well as the electric run (10-2 Romax cable) on it’s own 30amp breaker.
I’ve got everything to get started but seeds. Waiting on 2 friends to pony up their cash so we can do 1 larger order instead of 3 smaller ones.


Nice you get some stuff done in a room that size can’t wait to see the grow my friend woohoo
Tag me when you get going brother


Will do


Yep me too ! @hillbilly103