Its been a while

So I had been MIA for a while, but don’t worry my outdoor work continues. I have 6 girls right now 4 of them were planted late, just to know how they(they=Death Bubba) would grow & fill out & their structure. Because they had come from a bag seed. So that leaves me with the last 2 one is what I call “the Unknown Indica” because it started as a bag seed from 3 years ago & last is an E.V. so that was the Death Bubba’s now Unknown [Uploading: IMAG2633.jpg…]
Well I hope you enjoyed the update,questions are welcomed as always. Sorry I forgot a couple pictures oof the bud still on the one girl, rest are still immaturePeace


I love outdoor grows. What state you in?

Ontario, Canada the southern part of Ontario.

Wow look how big they get!

That is N absolutely monster how are the density on those buds …I heard all buds grow outside are airy …dont look to airy to my looks like between the buds might be airy but each little bud that makes up the kola looks nice to me

Thanks for the kind words. I usually get pretty dense buds for the top 2/3 of the plant then the rest are just golf ball size nugs but still not “airy”.

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Cool man beautiful plant

How do you feel the buds out the top 1/3 would be if you went inside the plant and cleaned bbn all leaves shoots and foliage to focus all energy to top you would probally get a bunch of monster colas no energy went to bottom golf ball buds direct it all to top well lit parts of the …TREE lol

I did do a lot of leaf stripping & taking of most “sucker branches” off, ones that wouldn’t produce much. I ended up taking most of the plant down yesterday due to weather & some bud wrought.

Oh ok I see cool bro what was the wet weight of her

Not sure yet, because I’m doing a two or three step harvest, depending on how the weather is & if we get anymore sunshine?