Its been a couple of weeks and seems like they are not growing very well

A question of a fellow grower:
I’m trying to grow 5 white widow autoflowering plants purchased from your company. I’ve attached some photos. I soaked the seeds in water first. Its been a couple of weeks and seems like they are not growing very well and looking for suggestions. I’m using an LED about 10 inches away and leaving it on 24/7 and spraying the plants 2-3 times a day. I’m not using any fertilizer and leaving the plastic top air vents closed. Would appreciate any advise. Thank you.

They need to be transplanted into bigger pots with soil. They’ll start growing then.


As raustin mentioned when you transplant cover about half of those long stretching stems. Good luck

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Yes, good point. Bury those long stems when you transplant.

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Hi- thank you for your reply. I replanted the white widow autoflower into Michigan made mix soil and one plant is starting to have its leaves tips turning brown- any advise? Thank you

Is there any nutrients in that soil? It looks like nute burn.

Thank you for the reply- I had transplanted the seedlings into bigger pots which have M3 Michigan made mix fertilized soil which has nitrogen 15 ppm, phosphate 33 ppm and soluble potash 38 ppm listed. Is it too much of a shock for them? If so is it possible to somehow tone down the nutrients. Also, I’m leaving the LED light on 24/7 . Is that hurting them? Thanks again.

Yeah, it’s definitely nute burn from the hot soil. Usually seedlings grow into hot soil, in other words, they kind of get used to it. The 24/7 light is fine for the first two weeks after that go to 18/6.

The only thing you can do is transplant get into some seedling soil without nutes. Or just leave her and see if she recovers.