It's been 87 days and still no Amber trichomes

Hey guys,

I know I am getting close to harvesting but still waiting for Amber trichomes.

Growing WW autos and from seedlings to now its been 87 days. Heaps of trichomes but none are amber as yet.

How much longer do you guys suggest?

I did pick one smallish nug for a test and got high af but wasn’t a easy to sleep high :joy:

Seems every time I water the trichomes don’t really change.


Have you tried extended dark cycle
They are a couple of topicseconds that touch on this subject maybe you can find them hope it helps

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Patience is one of the key :wink::innocent::v:, what I can tell you is the average time to flowering of the WW auto is 56 days,… probably you can add 7 to 10 days more to have 60 to 70 % of amber trichomes, so, if your plant as begin to flower after 31 days, you’re in the beginning of the zone, do not forget it’s an average of 56 days of flowering :wink::innocent:… Hey ! I’m just doing math here and try to cheering you up here :+1::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::innocent:

Hoping that is helping you :innocent: :v:

Light cycle? What are they on? And knowing its a white widow probably atleast 5-6 more weeks to fully finish.

Also looks like you got a picture of the leaf, forgive me if im wrong on that. You wanna watch the flowers (calyx) not leaves

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Wow every one responded at the same time that was cool


Lol :joy::sweat_smile::joy: Yeah :+1::ok_hand::v:


Currently on 18/6. Was hoping they would be finished by now.

Wow another 5 weeks!

Thanks for the replies guys


Wow, dude lol drop them to 12/12 to help them realize they need to finish, that could be why they still don’t have any amber @kalico

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Even with Autos?

Ok will adjust schedule tonight! Thanks @Majiktoker


Yes even with autos it will help you out :slight_smile: and my pleasure