It's alive....It's aliveeeee!

My new flower box. One 142w actual, why can’t they just call it, and a 200w actual and a 3x3x6. Running 2 different flower LEDs should totally cover the spectrum.

Note with the 2 different lights really makes the buds pop


looking good man!!

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Fans? What kind do you have? I just have mini computer fans and yeah that didn’t work. So…I ask for some guidance please.

Thank you

@Usmcjojo here’s Cindy before and after pin ‘n’ trim. See flat on the ground. The 2 other in the tent were raised the same way.


Awesome doc thanks for the image gonna bend the girls some more tonight.

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@Usmcjojo morning. C99 this morning all standing up after that pinning


That’s awesome doc gonna try that on my second grow.

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@ktreez420 question how would you set a net for the c99 above? She will be moved to the back right corner.


I’ve seen some really cool ingenuity and engineering for some of the SCROG setups. If you could, the best thing would be to either A, attach the SCROG legs to the smart pot itself. That way when you move the plant the entire SCROG goes with it.

Or B, make a SCROG that has changeable leg lengths. Then you can lift the plant and move it with little stress to the SCROG.

Or C, get all the girls in their places, sit them up on a stand or rack that’s like 6" off the ground. Then place a SCROG over the entire tent. The 6" between the pot and the floor will give you space to catch runoff.

Honestly, the best thing to do would be to try whatever you’ve been thinking. Get going, and then you’ll learn as you go lol. Sounds dumb, since we constantly read and research and prepare, but with SCROG you almost need to do it first before you really understand the best way for YOU to do it. We’re all different, so once you get going you might realize something that could really help you out, etc.

I hope this helps, and good luck my friend :v:

Awesome. Thanks. I know I like to hear how. Gives ideas.
Better yet how is yours setup? Dose it move up or down? I ask only to find best way so I don’t keep just spinning my wheels. You’ve tried more than me and kinda figured out not the best, but easiest way. I have four kids 9, 6, 2.5 and 4 months so not much time for my favorite tinker time. Usually 10-30 a night whilst wife and baby sleep. I know laying it on thick.
Again thanks

Have an awesome day filled with fun @ktreez420

Lol my SCROG grow was a complete experiment! I didn’t even support the SCROG net with legs, I literally had it on top of the plant, and the branches were the only thing keeping it from falling. Eventually I added string to the corners of the frame and tied them into the ceiling. This gave the SCROG support, but it still caused issues for me because I would have to lift the entire plant and net pot and root system out from the bucket and into a new bucket with fresh water/nutes every week for my weekly water change.

Basically, I learned as I went. I made an awesome SCROG, but didn’t truly plan for the whole grow. I got ahead of myself. But it’s all a great learning experience! I definitely wouldn’t do what I did again lol, and I know for the next time I decide to SCROG that I have to figure out my issues beforehand.

You have a great day too dude, thank you for the good vibes! :v:

I tried that. Gutted an old computer put cfls in it took out the fans. Re wired fans to an old cell charger. Small box. Lol gave it to goodwill. Used it to baby my first seedling. I don’t see how people do pc grows. So small

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@Jheezy even dressers. Man I was crammed

@ktreez420 again thanks. This back and forth has helped. Going to make half Of the area Scrog. Now she’s low and I’m kinda LST still should it be close? Also I think last till cure should she be place in the center and pulled out or at one end and pull down? Many years since growing sativa and she’s a grower.


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ANY time buddy! I’m always around :v:

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Happy growing man

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