It's alive, it's alive


I put the beans on the pot Saturday and whala tonight the first signs of life. Forgive my excitement but I’m sure you had the same uphoria on your first grow.

I have 5 WW auto that have been on 24/7 light should I change that after the others sprout @countryboyjvd1971


Congratulations on your first baby sprout! It is exciting and I still get excited when I see the first sign of life.

Most people change the lighting to 18/6 after they all sprout, but some like to leave it 24/7 for a week or two.


Thanks I’ll keep an eye on them. Btw I read your posts about men and gadgets and got a big kick out of it. You may have started out a little sexist because you were stereotyping all men as gadget addicts. Your quite the conversationalists. Also the post about grammar, I do need to read some posts more the once to decipher the code, good thing I studied cryptography. Look forward to your future help with my inexperience. Btw I read about everyone that replies to my post


I just harvested my second grow and I still get giddy and excited by each new stage :nerd_face: What started out as hubby’s project has become my hobby/obsession :woman_farmer::wink:
Welcome to the greatest forum with the friendliest most helpful folks :v::green_heart:


I have to agree with GreeThunder. The bigger the plants get. The more you will get sucked into this hobby. :grinning:


Welcome to the forum @Zepman55 and Congrats on the birth of your girl! enjoy the grow!


@Zepman55 i would them get a little bigger before you switch to 18-6 schedule
I will normally leave them on a 24-7 for the first week or two tops and Then switch
And i switch to 12-12 at first signs of flowering with autos week three or four usually from seed
Auto veg fir a short time fyi
I will normally start them in cups and transplant after-a week or two again depending on growth


Thanks for the info @Countryboyjvd1971 when I do transplant I was thing of scrogging at least two but not topping and I just read you journal on the Gold leaf scrogging you did and read you topped the plant as well my question is how long after transplanting do I wait to top? Next will the yeild be better if I just Scog the same or lower if I don’t top? I am a first time grower and have WW autos.


Ok autos need to be topped at the right time I normally don’t suggest topping of autos to a new grower
A scrog screen works best with one plant in my opinion
Ive never scrog a auto so two or more may be ok since they grow fast


Ok so far ILGM seeds are batting 800 or 4 out of 5.

I think it’s time to take the tops off of those girls and put up a Screen of green what does everyone think


Kind of hard to tell but there are four sprouts. I think we are going to bat 1000


Day 3 since first sprot


Woohoo hello Little girls
Hahaha @Zepman55 you may be jumping the gun just a little bit but i love the enthusiasm lol :wink::wink:
I know you where just joking :upside_down_face: lol
Soil looks dry a good misting is in order this morning id say


Will do @Countryboyjvd1971 just as soon as I get the coffee in these old bones


Good morning and awesome :sunglasses:


Thanks and good morning to you @Countryboyjvd1971 I’m sure this is just the beginning of a great collaboration between us for the future of my little green family


Glad you got the joke I it was obvious though


Yeah lol :joy:
And im around most days bro should you need anything just holler
I still work full time so im on off all day long tag me and i will get back to you tho :wink:


I’m on my very first grow also. I feel your excitement brother :+1:. The members on here have been my
life line @raustin @Myfriendis410 @FloridaSon @dbrn32 so don’t be shy about asking for advice


Me too @Zepman55. If you have a question; tag me.