Its a weird one bag seed

It’s Been growing weird and slow. Bag seed hopefully it’s a her, what ya think day 40? Going to ride it out either way and see what it does.


Welcome! Looks like it’s got a lot of indica!


Kind of strange looking but she looks healthy.

She’s very compact. Raise your light or lower its intensity if you want to encourage her to stretch out. She’s going to be a challenge to manage when the foliage is that thick and the nodes are so close together.


Thanks it’s in grow cabinet deal the light is not adjustable in either way. But it’s about 3ft away I believe. Has been very challenging very dense growth formation.

You might add some Deep red to get her to stretch out a bit.
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Nice trim to let some light in


Day 44 I just want to go to flower. GROW!

Defoliation time It was so dense in there

Day 46 trim up them legs some

I see one of these legs falling behind. Thinking about sniping it and give a try at cloning, got some powder rooting hormone and soil. Any thoughts ?

Help!!! Any body? I’m looking to
Limit the tops on this plant because of limited space. My question is is it better to
Keep the more established branches or the the new growth

Day 50

What do you think? Day 51 still in veg