Its a girl 😍😍😍 delivered on a a car


And many others …

My wife and I delivered our baby girl last night in a middle of the woods on front seat of our 1997 Honda passport…
What an adventure …all ok we are at the hospital now…all good


Congrats brotha!


Great story to tell her when she gets older. Congrats brother


Congrats to you both! that had to be a exciting trip! Glad all went well!


:blue_car: :birthday: :fireworks: :tada: :confetti_ball:






and the adventure continues, enjoy the ride…Congratulations :baby:




Congratulations on your baby :angel:


Wow, congrats to the both of you.


Congratulations! The journey begins! :minibus::hatching_chick::fireworks::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


Holy Cow @Ragnar
Congratulations Daddy
Glad to hear Mom and baby girl :baby_bottle:are healthy :+1:
What a great story to tell her when she’s older
Woo freaking Hooo brother :beers::beers::clinking_glasses::champagne::tumbler_glass:
I’m super happy for all of you
Happy days my friend happy days and on Mother’s Day weekend :v:️:+1:
Congrats again :v:️ John :v:️


Thanks everyone here, I am in a middle of building 15x16 greenhouse…a lot of things happening thats for sure…
Its 3rd girl so my hands will be full…
What a journey !


Good job for getting through that one on your own… my cat had kittens and I was freaking out lol


Congratulations to you and your wife @ragnar, hope all are doing fine after your adventure.


Congratulations :rose::rose::rose::rose:for your new baby and mom and this is for you


Thank you, you guys are great, I dont personally know any of you , but I feel like we are some kind of extended family…it feels good
Thank you everyone !!!


Massive congratulations Ragnar!



You have 3 girls and now your building a 15x16 greenhouse and that’s going to be full of girls…all i can say is, this song is for you…



Way to go. Glad to hear it went well. You’re new pioneers in so many ways. :rocket: