It's a boy... dammit

I was gifted a few pineapple haze seeds, only two made it past germination. The “gifter” didn’t know if the seeds were feminized, regular, photo or auto. He also didn’t know how old they were. Both plants have been struggling but growing rapidly. I switched to 12/12 about a week ago and today one of my plants decided to show me his balls

I always feel bad chopping them down after so much care. This bad boy is almost 6’ tall.

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Man I feel for ya!! I’m about to start some blue dream and they are regular seeds so I hope there are some females


It looks more like swollen calyxes female pollen sacks are there hairs coming out of sacks check it out before you chop

In the very top pic if you zoom in those balls are in clusters I’m afraid it’s male

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Grrrrrr that stinks :mask: bro

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I’m looking on the bright side. At least one of them is female. :grin: