It thoughts please


Getting a 2x4x7 grow tent 400 watt apollo hps light .
Should I get 6 in fans for intake and exhaust or would 4 in work?
I’m thinking I can grow 2 plants on 2 lights later. 1 in flower and the other in veg .


4" fans with around 200 cfm should work fine…it is not a large tent… I am ordering a 31x60x80 and found a fan and filter combo…think it is only 190 cfm… but the math works, even after filter reduction and bends in the ducting it should still provide plenty of airflow…and it is quite a bit less expensive…save near fifty bucks over the same set up in 6 inch… but I am using led’s too…

if you are using an HPS cool tube you will either need the 6" or you will need to get a couple reducers so the ducting will fit on your light.


Thanks @Oak . I’ll have to remember to get reducers. Sounds like a plan.
Oak do u use ur led full term?


started with 300 actual watts of cfl,…like 12 23 watt bulbs, lol… my led’s came in when my girls were about 2 weeks old and I switched them over as soon as I was back to lights on… the growth was actually a bit better with the cfl’s I think… but the plants look much healthier with the led lighting…also,…maybe they have no grown much because of the increased light intensity…gonna raise my led’s thihs weekend while I am out of town and see if they stretch a bit while I am gone.


they aint real expensive,…these were the cheapest after a quick search…some cost more but have a more quality look,…but hell, aint like its a moving part or nuttin…


I was under the impression that led’s were only better for veg than even the low watt cfl’s. This is why I’m getting the hps is because it’s supposed to be the better light for bloom. I have a low 150 watt cfl veg light and it did ok , but I hear with the hps u can get a pound per plant. How tall is that plant r how bushy will my tent produce those kinda results?


Also ur thoughts on follier spraying, during flower.


it seems the led technology is getting better than it was and a decent light can take you all the way through your grow with very impressive harvests. As far as a pound per plant…well…my guess is that strain will have a lot to do with that as well…so will how long you let it veg. My nephew lives in Trinity county California and just harvested 65 plants at 2.5-3 pounds per plant…full season outdoor grow of course.
I am still a rookie at this by all means but I would bet money that a high end top quality LED can match or even beat an HPS/MH light as far as G’s per watt…some of these led guys online are pushing towards 1.5 to 1.8 grams per watt…I am sure training, femming, topping, and nutes all play a role as well as the lights… generally speaking you will get your greater yields from a photo period sativa strain as they grow to be much larger than autos or indica strains… there is another seed bank I dealt with once and they have an 120 day auto sativa that can apparently produce 2 pounds per plant… but it is huge…like 8 to 10 feet tall type huge…don’t think that will fit in most grow tents, lol… your best bet for huge yields IMHO… is to go with several plants,… femmed and scrogged…this way you can maximize the production for the space you have… it will be quite a while before I can test that theory however,…my state bases penalties on weight…so my intent is to just grow enough to make it through to the next harvest,lol… if I ever get caught, one year is a better option than 6 or 10…so pound harvests are not in my immediate future.
my guess is that a plant that produces a dry pound of smoke will need to be 5-6 feet tall and 4-5 feet wide…

I have not used any foliar sprays yet…although it is something I have been studying up on. IMO if you want to use them during flower it may be wise to focus the stream on the fan leaves…wet buds mold and nobody wants bud rot.


Thanks man . All makes sense. Maybe I can up grade to more and bigger tents soon. But I’m sure I’ll b ok for now with this set up. As to how much I get. Guess we’ll see in a few months.
I’m thinking at least a 6-8 week veg. Topping 2 times, hopefully 8 tops maybe a main line set up I know u said scorg, is that a better yielding method


scrogs can produce some amazing yields… check out Hillcrest’s thread… Monster cropped goldleaf scrog… the results are pretty amazing and it does not appear to be too complicated…appear…lol


My LED’s keep my plants at about 16 inches so im using one in Veg then two in flower should help


You are replacing air pretty fast your space is 56 cf and a fan running 200 cfm is replacing air in your space 4 times a minute certainly will keep space cool but make humidity hard to control once every 3 minutes is about minimum a 4" fan is more than enough overkilling with too much ventilation will cause you more grief you lose cfm with bends filters etc. make sure to get speed controller if you are using a bigger fan.


thanks @Donaldj that helps a lot