It’s ready for harvest or it’s in "to late" stage..?


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Looks like it’s ready to go any day now


She looks ready, time to start checking the trichomes.


nice bud porn :drooling_face:


Hahaha thanks… first time grower…


submit to bud of the month?


Here you are… :sunglasses:


this is my fav of ur pics


keep a close watch on the trichomes…for optimum results.

but, you could harvest now. they look good.


From the shape of the plants they look like Sativa. Which I am growing also and here is my question: the pistils are very small and relatively few compared to my indica plants that I harvested a month ago, although probably about half of them are curled and brown, and except for a very few of the fan leaves, the leaves are not turning yellow yet. However, the trichomes look mostly cloudy, and 5-10% are amber looking at them with a 60x lens which gives me a really good view of things. So they look ready to harvest based on the important thing (the trichomes). But is it typical of Sativa’s that the leaves don’t go yellow and the pistils don’t go as brown like indica’s do at the time of harvest? I’m a first time grower so I don’t know what to expect


There is some Nitrogen available for your plants to consume. That’s why they are green.


Are you sure you’re checking the trichs on the bud and not the leaves? The leaves will turn color earlier.


Yes, it’s the buds. When I check the sugar leaves I can tell there are more amber trichomes than on the buds, sometimes on the leaves they are in small clusters. But I am looking at the buds. I can still see some clear ones on the buds, but very few, but probably 90% of the trichomes on the buds themselves look milky. I’m itching to harvest, both because I suspect these plants (3 of them, Gorilla Glue 4 clones, all maturing at exactly the same rate as expected) are near their peak of potency, and also because I want to keep the high as clear-headed and uplifting as possible, so I’m even thinking better to harvest a little soon rather than a little late. But the lack of yellow leaves and the very small pistils (which makes it hard to judge the pistils) is confusing. Plus, looking at the pictures of the (amazing) buds posted by Sakiq, where those plants don’t appear to have leaves that are yellowing either, plus the fact that those plants have pistils that are small and difficult to appreciate in those photos also, all leads me to believe that at least in some cases Sativa plants have mature trichomes without the other obvious indicators about when to harvest


Of course, there is another possibility: it could be with this strain that the trichomes are destined to get REALLY milky, and perhaps in another week the greater milkiness will coincide better with the onset during that span of time of yellowing leaves and brown pistils, so I’ll have the whole set of indicators at that time. So perhaps even though I am seeing a lot of milky trichomes now, maybe they will still get even more milky with a little more time. Not sure why I’m rambling on about this. The only thing to do is what I already am doing, which is to check the trichomes on the buds every day and harvest before too many of them turn amber. Thanks in advance for any continued input anyway :slight_smile:


I think you’re ready to harvest then. Sometimes the leaves won’t turn yellow, but it has nothing to do with being sativa. I would go ahead and harvest.


Ok, yes, that’s a better idea. Keep checking daily until you see some amber starting to show.


Yellowing leaves will not reflect the trichome status.

Some of my best plants did not show any yellow. Watch the trichomes. That’s the important indicator.
Best Wishes


Thanks guys. Here are the best pics I can get from today, taken with an iPhone 6s looking through my 60x magnifier. Hard to get great focus, but you can still see the trichomes pretty well. You can see the pistils also, so you can understand my confusion–pistils still white-ish, and not completely curled in yet. But the trichomes make her look ready to harvest.


I see what you’re talking about. Those trichs look nice. I would check them daily and at the first sign of amber, start chopping. Don’t worry about the pistils, just ignore them.


Based on what you’ve described above, your plants are where you want them based on the desired effect. You could harvest now or maybe wait a few more days, but not much longer than that.

Also, yellowing leaves and pistil coloration are variable visual indicators not requiring a loupe that can help you determine when things are getting ‘close’. They are helpful clues but not as definitive as the condition of the trichomes.