It’s legal now. NOT!


In my state they just opened the first clinic with more coming soon. You would think that it’s a step in the right direction. But it’s really not. The only legal form will be in pill form. Every patient is different so why do they seem to think one pill will fix all. They have their heads stuck so far up there asses that we will never see legal relief. So I will continue to choose how I medicate and break laws because I refuse to suffer.


where at @Painfree? the politicians have absolutely screwed our mmj act that the voters voted in…it has been two years now since it passed…lol i have to keep on making my own meds as well…i would not trust them now anyway…rats


In Louisiana. Who’s to say what all “they “ put in the pills. How much thc or cbd does it even have. I would bet one or more of our politicians have stock in the pill packing they are doing.


ohh,a former pros.atturney is named as a grower here,amoung others…


How’s that work. Spend time putting people away only to do it yourself.


i have family down around covington…


I moved here so my wife could be around her family. I hate it. To much corruption. My dogs brought home a gator skeleton today. Lol


They are all filthy… I live in a medical state and was a legal licensed grower for 3 years and then the government put up one of there dispensaries within 25 miles of me , if you draw a straight line from point a to point b , but if I had to drive there to buy my meds , I would have to drive more then 30 miles… fu#kin d!ck heads… also payed over 300 hundred dollars a year in taxes to be legal and then they opened up shop and now I’m not legal… bull$hit… not much longer and we will take back our livelihoods … too many of us see the benefits from this beautiful plant to try to keep us down… :wink:



For me if I went to the clinic it’s a 3.5 hour drive each way. It would be all for nothing as they are only recommending right now. Won’t even have the wonder pills till late nov at the soonest. When they allowed the use they forgot to allow it to be grown so it wasn’t Biggest fools I have ever seen.


Dogs brought this deer skull home today. Lol