It’s has begun the look at the finish line

Ok ladies and gentleman. My first auto flower OG KUSH and it has begun!!! Ok !


Congratulations they look really good

She is beautiful. I have some og kush auto seeds myself just waiting on others to get done so my question is how many days has it been since you started from seed? @Hollywood

To be honest? I don’t count days and go by looks and texture. I can tell when it’s ready, where people say use an eye loop or mag. Glass. The only time I do days is when I move from outside to a green house to keep the same amount of light come October. Heated,humidifier and fanned!!

Oh and I just monitor the temp and humidity outside along with the night temps.

I was never a big fan of auto’s. My friend, she turned me on to them. I like the patience part and and long wait and separate male from females. I guess I’m an old 48. But, I have really liked doing these.

cool, was just wondering how long they take being auto and all fixing to start them in bout 2 weeks. you did an awesome job with yours, keep it up.

It’s between 100 days plus. I know everyone says 90 to 100, but when they want to go they go. That’s why I watch the plants like babies. You will know when they are ready. Smell, texture and all. Just don’t touch the buds with your hands!!! Only the stalk and smell!!! People put their damn hands on the buds and the oils and acids from your hands screw it all up!