It’s fast approaching

Are we clear on this now ?? Is this enough evidence to stop questioning my integrity ?

I’m kind of afraid to let GG4 get to 25% amber to be honest. This is my first experience with this strain. The other is super skunk. All from seed. I have spoken with growers of the Gorilla glue and that describe it as almost too powerful Yay!!!
So I’m being cautious. You only live once though. Thank you for the feedback my friend. Patience is in short supply these days

Can’t wait to see what your ladies produce

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Bro I am so ready. My wife just rolls her eyes when I sat two more weeks. Lol. They are to the point though that there is a noticeable change daily. 2 days ago I could see a whole lot of clear trichs but today it’s hard to find one. I’m wanting them to swell up this last week or two since I only got 28 days of veg in

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