It’s been 7 days

Planted last Sunday some purple train wreck seeds in happy frog soil to start. I put them outside in starters it’s been avg temp 85 the last week and humid. Moderate amount of water and they haven’t come to the top. I’ve never started seeds this late outside or in these temps . My friend said just put them outside and they will pop and should be fine.I’ve always started in soil and never taken this long. Give up and abort or wait it out a few more days.

You can always remove some of the top soil and investigate what’s going on. I’ve had to do it on multiple occasions and it was always the plant trying to grow down into the soil. Once corrected they grew like normal.

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I would ask myself, what’s the different between those others and this one?

I wasn’t sure if that was okay or not. I’ve never had to do that. Thanks for the info. Once they pop will create a grow thread.

Sun or heat but they’re buried in dirt.

After 7 days it’s time to look. They are resilient plants. I soak my seeds In water and peroxide until the tap root pops. Then plant. I’ve had one that completely popped out of its seed husk and I found it just floating on top of the water. I planted it anyway and here she is now


I’m looking tomorrow. I was trying to be a patient dad and not freak. Good work! Looking nice!

My patience for seedlings runs out at 5 days, lol. If I don’t have a sprout, I’m digging it there to find out why.


I was trying not to be that guy lol. I’ll post pics of what happening.

Is it possible that you put them a little to deep? If seeds are buried deeper then a 1/4” and watered in they have a tougher time making their way to the top

Try watering your soil fist then make your Lil’ hole n put the seed in. Lightly “brush some soil over it and it shouldn’t have a problem


The most likely culprits are too much water or buried too deep, like @Trizzoop said.

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Thats what i do. I only plant it like quarter inch and after a few days lighting dig it and end up seeing it already has a tap root akd cover it back up lol

I followed BobbyDigitals advice and went and investigated and none of the seeds popped. I took them out of the soil and threw them in a cup of water. What should I do next? Never been in this spot before

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I would put a 1 to 10 ratio of 3% peroxide to water in there and let them sit, they should definitely crack in a maximum of 48 hours, if they dont there are a few other things you could try, like scrubbing them gently with some fine grit sandpaper to soften the shell a little to get better water penetration, but after 7 days in soil and 2 more in the peroxide water mix I would be finding new seeds honestly.

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I will do that. It’s ssh and purple train wreck. I spend some coin on both but this was 7 yrs ago.

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Actually I’m going to get another pack. Time is a wasting away and I’ve lost a week already. If these pop great if not tossing tomorrow.

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Let us know how it goes and keep us updated on the ned seeds.

Waot till the seeds sink then after that one of 2 choices, either pit it in a damp paper towel and put in a zip lock wuere its warm or just put straight into soil akd keep it damp not too wet. I personally dont do the paper towel method but see it all too often

They still have popped. Game over. I went and picked up a couple packs of seeds lemon Og and teenage wasteland. Going to try and pop them using the paper towel method. After this debacle want to make sure the pop. Any advice for this method would be helpful.

I soak my seeds usually for 2-3 days in tap water in a dark cabinet. They have always popped for me.