It’s always the most beautiful ones that break your heart

Several friends this week cried to me about their prettiest plants coming up male and getting the axe. My brother had to chop an envious 10 footer and a good buddy a gorgeous bushy Durban.

Both of them got fucked unfortunately. My brother was told his seed was feminized (From an unknown “breeder”) And let’s face it that’s what you get when you grow unknown genes. My buddy lives a couple towns over from me and we split orders from ILGM every year for our respective outdoor crops. Last year he got some Durban Poison and grew several out to some really nice bud but just this weekend he had to chop a real beauty that came up male. He forgot the seeds weren’t femmed - he had just come up lucky on the other ones he grew out and had all females prior to this. I feel bad. I forgot too, but That’s not my grow. On the other hand I know a guy who’s gonna have some Durban x Afghani F1s!

This year for me I have no beauties. All mine are ugly ducklings but the’ll give some great bud so idgaf what they look like at this point (plus they’re all female)


Yea I think feminized seeds tend to be a lil more mutated and stunted from constant self breeding and close relative breeding that happens with no males introducing fresh genes it’s still worth it though for not risking getting seeds

In my case I had new pots with new mix in them and really ran out of nitrogen about a week before flowering started so I was reluctant to give them big shot of N. At this point everything is 2-3 weeks into flower and the big fan leaves are welcome to yellow and fall off. I don’t mind ugly plants if means I’ve got nice clean smoke in the end.

I had the same thing happen this past week. I had hip revisions surgery and was away for one week. Wife watered for me.
First time back out!! boom. The one i groomed the most started to pop balls. Caught it early, but I’m sure it got a couple late flowering plants including the female from those same genetics.