It makes you forget your name

LOL - That seemed to be the best fitting thread title, because that really sums it up.

I just grow for couch-lock effect, relaxation, etc.
As a gift for a friend, I thought it would be fun to grow something really strong. I’m loyal to ILGM, so I’m looking for the hardest-hitting, longest lasting high from their inventory. The kind where you probably shouldn’t be driving a car for a few hours…
I’m open to a head high or a couch lock. Heck - maybe I’ll do both, depending on what suggestions are given.
Just scanning the old threads here, it looks like Skywalker OG may be a contender.
There’s also the strains mentioned in the “psychotropic” thread, but that seems like such a vague term, I’m not really sure if those apply or not: Bergman’s Gold Leaf, Bruce Banner, Gorilla Glue and Super Silver Haze.
Anyway, all suggestions are welcome! I’m really excited to make my wallet more vacant on Saturday…

By the way, I’m also open to suggestions of products by M.G. as well, but will try to stick with ILGM on this one unless someone’s experience suggests a huge difference in the effects of an M.G. strain.

Fire OG is listed as one of the strongest on ILGM site.

In general I have found northern lights to be very potent.


Ilgm grandaddy purple kicks my butt.


And it’s fire too!