It looks like someone spray painted light green across the tops of my plant

I am growing a Jack Herrer autoflower from ILGM. The veg went great but as it went into flower i began to notice some leaves at the top of the plant turning light green

I thought it might be a sulfur deficiency so i added Epsom salts. But things have continued to get worse, and now it looks like someone spray painted light green across the tops of my plant

I have 2 plants growing under a Mars Hydro TS1000 in a 2x2 tent, the Jack Herrer and an OG Kush. Only the Jack is showing these signs. The OG shows none of this, though it could be because she is shorter. The light is a little low but still about a foot from the top of the tallest branches. I turned the light up to 100% power a few weeks ago but turned it back down to 75% a few days ago.

What do you think, is this light burn/bleaching or some other sort of nutrient deficiency?

I’m not an expert in things of things this nature, but from my experience, when the top of the plant is effected its because the bright lights are requiring more nutrients.

Turning down or increasing the height of the light can stop it from progressing, as can increasing the nutrients. My experience is that cal-mag deficiencies are usually the problem. Your looks more like magnesium.

I have a HPS grow going and the plants got too tall. It caused a severe calcium deficit. A few grows ago I wanted to see what would happen if I really pushed the lights using a quantum board LED with a burple LED. 600 actual watts in a 3x3 tent. It caused a severe magnesium deficiency. I’m going to experiment with it some more in future grows to see if there is a pattern and if different types of lights cause different deficiencies.


Most of what I am seeing looks like potassium deficiency.
Also is reallocating nitrogen from old leaves to new growth.
What soil?
What nutrients are you using?

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Turn the light down, or raise it.

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Could be but what I’m seeing is the areas affected are multi level some near top some middle and some lower so what’s happening may not be due to lights to bright or too low other than the lighting causing more water/nutrient uptake and there’s not enough to keep her happy. If it were showing only near the top than lights being too close could be issue.
Just my thoughts and without more details it’s hard to say

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Without a pic i can see its lrolly thrips or mites