It looks like a different species

Indoor , Northern Lights, fem , 600w hps. I have 1 plant that is showing a different pattern of growing . 2 of the girls have regular leaves while 1 of them has a rough, hard looking predominate leaf edge. They all get the same light, ( i rotate them a half turn every morning to make sure all the leaves get some rays ) . the same water , ( no nutes ) the same soil, etc. It had just 1 leaf showing this pattern about 3 weeks ago and I snipped it off. Now ALL the leaves are looking the same , having a rough edge to them. The plant is growing nicely and other than a pronounced edge , is not stressing at all. I bought them from ILGM so Im pretty sure the seeds werent mixed up. Is there any way it could be a different species and do any of you guys have a plant growing with this trait ?? Pictures are of the plant in question and the same NL fem sister next to it … Oh , Happy late 4th of July to all , Yep

Different pheno type maybe, but still marijuana. Looks as if something is wrong. How’s the ph? Let’s start there first

PH is 6.2 …

Not positive, but I think that’s a little low if in soil. I grow in coco myself. I think you want between 6.5 and 7

Why are the 3 other girls doing fine when they have the same soil , water, etc . ??